This YouTube Channel Compiles Coffee Shop-Inspired Music Perfect for Studying

For when you miss your usual coffee shop visit!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  May 28, 2021
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Apart from the coffee, one of the things we miss about our usual visits to the coffee shop is the ambience. The sound of the baristas making your go-to cup of coffee, the background chatter of other coffee shop goers, and especially the playlist of chill songs playing in the background—everything else enriches the experience of simply grabbing your daily dose of caffeine.

While there are websites that are especially made to elicit your go-to coffee shop ambience, there are also YouTube channels especially dedicated to compiling coffee shop music to help you get through quarantine. Because studying all day, every day at home can get ~dreary~, these channels are the perfect consolation for our fellow tambay sa coffee shop pre-pandemic.

One such YouTube channel is called Candy Music Room. With almost 65,000 subscribers, the channel creates videos of playlists inspired by different coffee shops and their respective ambience. One example is a video inspired by Starbucks which features a set of jazz music to keep you company while studying at home. If you're a frequent customer in the resident Starbucks by your school, you'll def be reminded of the good old days when you put this video on during your regular all-nighter.

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They also have other themed playlists that are around six to seven hours long, including a Korean cafe inspired playlist of accoustic beats and a beachside cafe inspired set of bossa nova music. Get your readings ready, prepare yourself a cozy cup of homemade coffee, and take your music pick below:

Chill Accoustic Korean Cafe Music

Vinyl records and coffee shop ambience featuring coffee shop sounds

Sweet piano tunes

Japan cafe ambience

Check out the rest of the YouTube channel here.


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