Your Doodles Can Reveal Something About You

by Pam Carlota   |  Mar 4, 2017
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Doodling is a mindless thing we do when we're bored and we often do it absent-mindedly. But did you know that your doodles can reveal something about your personality? Graphologist and behavioral specialist Ingrid Seger-Woznicki told all the juicy details to HuffPost Australia and we've listed down the highlights of what she said. (via

  1. People who often draw flowers are often sentimental.

If you always draw flowers on your notebook, it means that you value things like relationships, marriage, loved ones, photos, and good memories.

  1. People who draw shapes, boxes, and other geometric patterns are clear thinkers.

If you draw shapes, boxes, and other geometric patterns are clear thinkers. Seger-Woznicki says that "You tend to compartmentalize your life into boxes." You like to be organized and you have separate things in separate places.

  1. If you often doodle your own name, you love attention.

Even if you don't want to admit it, you tend to be an attention seeker and according to Seger-Woznicki, "How big you write your name over and over again is how much immediate attention you demand"


  1. Drawing arrows can show your goals.

Arrows are for direction and it could show your goals, too. But drawing backwards arrows "may mean that you are wanting something that used to be."

  1. Drawing faces or eyes can show what you're feeling RN or your current mood.

Drawing faces or eyes is actually a reflection of yourself—eyes are the windows to your soul, after all. If you're drawing a happy face, it means that you are genuinely happy. But if the angry faces you drew before surprises you, it might mean that you are unconsciously feeling angry back then.

  1. Drawing shoes can show how we reveal strength.

Shoes with spiky heels can mean you reveal your strength through sarcasm, a heavy shoe can show your desire to dominate, and a pretty shoe can mean friendliness. 

What do you often draw, Candy Girls? Share them with us in the comments!

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