Your 2014 Summer Bucket List

It's not too late to own summer 2014! To help you with that, we've prepared a little list of workshops and other stuff you can try out. Have fun!
by Jikka Defino   |  May 14, 2014
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  1. Go on a road trip. Avoiding staycation? All you need is a map (plus lots of fun and spontaneity in your system!) Oh, and let us not forget the parents’ permission. (Check out 5 Summer Getaways for the Manilena for vacation spots!)

  2. Learn a new dance. There are lots of dance studios within the Metro that offer summer workshops! Check out Brewing Point for street dance classes and White Space for contemporary and other wellness classes.

  3. RMYEC. The Ramon Magsaysay Youth Essay Competition has 2 categories – Level 1 for 15-18 year olds and Level 2 for 19-24 year olds. Contestants are required to register and submit their essays through Submit on or before June 30! Visit their site for more details.

  4. MILO Summer Sports Clinics (SSC). The well-known sports clinic starts on May 26! MILO has Sports Clinic for the following: Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Taekwondo, Bowling, Chess, Football, Gymnastics, Karatedo, Ice Skating, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball.

  5. Go on a late night food trip! There's always Cubao, Maginhawa, or BGC. (Extra challenge: Go on a 100-peso challenge. Go to a night market and look for your happy stuff! Rule: Everything under P100).

  6. HenySison Culinary School. Channel your inner kitchen goddess! The culinary school offers several baking and cooking courses for teens. Check out their website.

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  7. Advance your classes or get extra units. If you've got extra money to pay for tuition, go for it! Summer class is a good way to pull up your grades (and is also a good excuse to hang out with friends in school *wink*).

  8. Finish something. Read—and finish—a book. Or try to reach the 2048 tile. Or if you've been stuck in God of War Chains of Olympus since 2012, finish that game in god mode.

  9. Sponsor a Kythe Child. "Kids should be flying kites, not fighting cancer." For a love gift of Php999, a Kythe kid can take a break from hospital routines and have fun on May 14-15, 2014! Visit the Kythe website and choose Summer Camp under Kythe Campaigns.

  10. Watch a new TV series.If you want to, set a movie/TV show marathon with friends (plus host a sleepover while you're at it).

  11. Get an internship. Think long term! An internship is a good way to boost your career experience. Get one that really interests you and/or keeps you working hands-on in your field.

  12. Get into a new hobby. Learn how to play a new instrument, start drawing random doodles, sing in the shower, just keep doing something you’re passionate about! Ditch your bad habits and replace them with new hobbies.

  13. Science Programs at The Mind Museum. Soccer Science happens on May 14-15 for ages 13-22 years old. For registration fees and other inquiries, email

  14. Hit the beach! Summer is the perfect time to go to any of the many pristine beaches in this country!

  15. Do nothing for a day. Because you deserve all the time and sleep in the world. Yay for less burn out tendencies!


Got something you want to add to this list? Comment them below! Hope you didn't forget to audition as the next Correspondent! :)

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