You Can Now Stalk People (Like Your Ex!) Better on Snapchat

Without even hitting the follow button!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 17, 2017
Image: Tribeca Film
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Finally! We all know it's been a bit difficult to look for new people to follow on Snapchat unless we see their usernames somewhere. Which is why everyone has to keep promoting their usernames or codes on their other social media accounts. But now, that problem has been solved.

Snapchat just introduced one new function you can do on the app: search for people. You can now search users across the app...and watch their stories without even hitting the follow button—unless maybe they limited the accessibility of their stories to their friends, but still isn't this exciting? (via

Make sure you have a bucket of popcorn beside you while doing the stalking because things just got a whole lot better!

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