LOL! Here Are 8 ~Super Witty~ Bondee Rooms to Brighten Your Day

by Mariel Roja   |  Feb 13, 2023
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Twitter/imdyazyazura, Facebook/Jasper Shawn Navarro
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You can count on our Filipino netizens to be *ready* to jump on the latest trends. One of the hottest topics today is the popularity of Bondee, a social networking app where you can create a ~metaverse~ version of yourself. This virtual world app allows you to create and dress your own avatar, hang out with your friends, float through its uncharted waters, and the most exciting part of all–you can design your own room! 

Decorating your own space is a fun feature on Bondee that is gaining attention online. The netizens did not waste the chance to use their witty minds by sharing Bondee rooms inspired by local personalities and the relatable mundane life of every Filipino. Here are eight viral Bondee rooms that can cheer up your day in an instant!

Fast talk with Boy A-Bondee

The one and only King of Talk Boy Abunda graces this Bondee room. Seeing the television host relax on his seat and prepare for his famous talk show has us laughing with tears!


Pinoy-style Bondee Rooms

We are all here for local artists showcasing their artworks online! Young 3D artist Jhanrell Cortez Dela Cruz gave us a nostalgic and warm feeling with his Pinoy-style Bondee Rooms. 

Bondee-wan Express 

Are you looking for a place to receive or send that money? The Bondee version of Palawan Express Pera Padala did not escape this list as the go-to money remittance stop of Filipinos!

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Bondee-sen Commercial 

The jingle from this Boysen commercial that ruled our childhood is impossible to forget! Netizens recall every detail of this ad as if it was just released yesterday. 

Raffy Bondee in Action

Raffy Tulfo in Action has also made its way to the Bondee world! It has a lot of funny reactions for inviting avatars who are having problems with their neighbors as the number one Sumbungan ng Bayan.


Bondee Sari-sari store

Do you want to buy some quality furniture and appliances? This Bondee Sari-sari store got it all for you and the main highlight is it is BIR accredited as well! 

Bondee Inasal

This Grab rider is patiently waiting for your Mang Inasal order! Your craving for classic Filipino roasted chicken will totally be satisfied. 

Bondee Barangay Office 

We are all familiar with this Barangay Office setup where you'll witness an official having his siesta time. This is an entertaining take on our ordinary citizen life. 

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