Why Your iPhone Stops Charging at 80 Percent + What to Do About It

According to Apple, there are several possible reasons.
by The Candy Staff   |  May 7, 2021
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iPhone users, have you ever experienced leaving your phones plugged in to charge only to check back on it after an hour or so and see that it's still at 80 percent? It's frustrating, tbh, especially for those who like to keep their phones fully charged in case of an emergency (or para makapag-Netflix nang dire-diretso). If this happens to you and you're curious, we decided to search it up for you. According to Apple, there are several possible reasons.

Why your iPhone stops charging at 80 percent

One explanation could be that your mobile device has gotten too warm. When the temperature of your phone rises, the software of your iPhone automatically limits your device from charging beyond 80 percent. When this happens, try moving your phone to someplace cooler. When the temperature of your device drops, your phone will automatically resume charging if you keep it plugged in. According to Apple, the appropriate temperature is anywhere between -20º and 45º C.


Another reason involves the use of iOS 13 and later versions of iOS. These updates have a new feature called Optimized Battery Charging which combats battery aging by "reducing the time that your iPhone spends fully charged." With this feature, your phone studies your daily charging routine and adjusts your phone's charging speed until you need to use your phone again, which probably explains why your phone is still at 80 percent even after leaving it for charging after a long while.

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When this feature is enabled, you will receive a notification on your Lock Screen stating at what time your phone will finish charging. If you want to finish charging sooner, you may click the notification, which will provide you the option to Charge Now.

The Optimized Battery Charging feature aims to improve your phone battery's lifespan, but you also have the option to disable the feature. To do so, go to Settings, then Battery, then Battery Health, and toggle the Optimized Battery Charging button to turn it off. 



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