Why the #artPH Tag is Important

From digital art to photography to mixed media, Filipino artists show that creativity is never lost in our people.
by Aleeza Abinuman   |  Sep 26, 2017
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Last month, a horde of Filipino artists from different parts of the country and even the world shared their art using the #artPH tag. There was a variety of medium used for the art, like leaves and ink and food and cloth. These artists tweeted their best samples of their work, garnering support from fellow artists and Twitter users. Here's why it matters:

  1. It's a way to promote art for free.

Most of the artists don't have funds for full websites or advertisements that could display their works. A lot of them are undiscovered gems, making art from their homes and selling prints or commissions every now and then. There are even some who aren't really public with the art they do, but want to reach a different, larger audience. With the #artPH tag, more people could see their art, more people could be encouraged to commission them or buy products from them. Since a wide variety of artists used the tag, people could choose their faves and see which art style could suit a project. All that, and none of the artists spent too much time or money for the promotion.


  1. It helps other people discover more artists.

To echo with the first one, the tag helps people find the right artist for the job. There are logo designers and videographers and illustrators and photographers and even costume makers. It might have taken a while to find the right person, but it would have been worth it since everyone is skilled and can try their best to meet the requirements for the project. Also, people became more aware of the behind-the-scenes of every piece, and can even gain more understanding about the art and the effort that is put into it. Not everybody has utmost respect and patience with artists, but the tag helped improve on that.

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  1. There were enough love and support to go around.

Artists from all over the world commented on the art pieces and people who weren't artists appreciated art gave their love to the creators. For an artist, it's not always easy. There are deadlines (some not even related to art), there are creative blocks, there is hate, there are demanding clients, there is the feeling that what you do is not enough to get a following. For more than a week, that tag was (and still is) a boost, with people backing them up and showing them love. They got positive feedback, and even found fellow artist friends from different parts of the country, learning about their mediums and how their environment influences what they create.

  1. Aspiring artists get inspiration.

Not everyone is comfortable with posting their art. However, with the sheer number of people posting their art and using the tag, they became more motivated to improve themselves and find their own art style. They found artists who use the same medium and can relate to some of their struggles so it feels like they can identify with them, and maybe even be as good as them in the future. The ones who used the #artPH tag also shared tips and experiences and those who wanted to get better at their art felt more hope that they can do this, despite their doubts now. This is important since many people who are just starting out with their art are unsure about what they do, but the artists who used the tag reassured them and reminded them that it isn't all in the numbers, it is about how comfortable you are with what you do, and the passion for it that keeps you going.


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