Who Is Your Life Peg?

  |  Jul 2, 2013
PHOTO The Weinstein Company
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marla.jpg Sarah Kay. Her words are simple but striking, and her love for young people is inspiring.—Marla, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg Eva Chen (former Teen Vogue editor and now editor in chief of Lucky). She has an awesome job and looks like she's having a blast every day! —Steph, Art Director
angel.jpg My life peg is J.K. Rowling. More than being a super successful author, she's just so passionate about everything she does—I'd love to be that way too. :) —Angel, Features Editor
dyan.jpg Jennifer Lawrence is the coolest. She's smart, successful, and classy sexy—girl knows exactly how to work her curves. But most of all, she's got a great sense of humor and she never takes herself too seriously. For me, J-Law is the definition of life peg. —Dyan, Assistant Entertainment Editor
erin.jpg Gwyneth Palthrow. She's fit, healthy, married to Chris Martin, friends with Jay-Z, has two adorable kids, and she's an A-list actress who gets to wear designer clothes, how cool is she? —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant

What about you? Who's your ultimate life peg? Share them in the comments below!

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