Which Social Network Are You?

Are you Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest? Take this quiz to find out.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 1, 2013
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In school you're the...
Popular kid. Everyone knows you and wants to be your friend.
Gossip. You always seem to have something to say and you need to tell everyone about it right away.
Multimedia maven. You love taking photos, creating animated GIFs, and making typography look cool.
Photographer. You'll snap anything that looks interesting. Yep, even the garbage bin outside the gym.
Artist. You find inspiration in anything and you've got a million mood boards to remind you how beautiful the world is.
When it comes to friendship, you are...
little miss congeniality. You love networking and will totally chat up the next person who sits beside you. You think you have a connection with most people.
willing to be friends with anyone who will listen to your rants and raves. It's only fair, because you'll listen to theirs too.
really not the type to make friends right away, but you do strike up a conversation with like-minded people. You'll admire someone from afar, but it doesn't necessarily mean you’re buddies.
always looking for affirmation so you tend to gravitate to people who compliment you and tell you how awesome you are.
the type to look up to people more than be friends with them. You have the tendency to idolize your inspiration and don’t really mind if they don’t consider you your friend.
This word best describes you:
Your favorite thing to do on a weekend:
Hang out with your family and friends at a backyard barbecue.
Watch a basketball game and give a blow-by-blow update to your bestie who can't be there to watch with you.
Make 35 GIFs of your favorite Mean Girls scenes.
Learn how to edit your photos so they look a little bit vintage and trick people into thinking they were shot on film.
Try a new recipe for the perfect chocolate cake because every day, you find one that's supposedly "the recipe for the perfect chocolate cake."
When choosing a color to paint your nails with, which one would you pick?
Dark blue with light blue tips.
Light blue hue that reminds you of the sky.
Different shades of blue for a cool ombre.
Neutral and earthy tones.
Fire engine red.
You're all about...
connecting with people.
getting the word out.
showcasing your talent and discovering other artists like you.
Your usual hangout:
At home
The hottest party
At the grocery or craft store

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