Which Club Should You Join This Year?

  |  Jul 3, 2010
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Your year level decides on organizing a big movie premiere. To complement this, each class decides on putting together small film showings in their classrooms during the Foundation week. Which movies do you suggest your class screen?
She's All That, Ghost World, Romeo + Juliet.
The Breakfast Club, Election, Welcome to the Dollhouse.
Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, Dead Poets Society.
Save The Last Dance, Step Up, Bend It Like Beckham.
Grease, High School Musical, Hairspray.
After the excitement of putting together the fundraiser, it's time to relax and have fun with your new friends this school year! What's in your bag as you step out on Saturday to meet your class?
A sketchpad and some colored pencils. Maybe you can draw some of your new classmates for fun.
A couple of cute calling cards with your name and number, and a smart looking jacket. It’s always best to be confident and to make a good impression!
A book or two. We may have to stand in line somewhere.
An extra set of clothes and a soccer ball, just in case we find some time to kick around.
couple of mix CDs and my trusty MP3 player. You never know when we'll need a soundtrack for our weekend exploits!
It turns out that your Math teacher was absent because he was heading a planning meeting for your school’s Foundation Week, which is a month away. This Tuesday afternoon he reveals that the Foundation Week committee will be requiring each year level to brainstorm and anchor a fundraising event. What does your class propose?
An arts and crafts fair! We can rent out stall spaces and hold a week long bazaar.
We can organize a big event (like a concert or a movie premiere) and call various companies to sponsor the proceedings.
A series of trivia quizzes! It's very informative and also very interesting. We can invite alumni to send their representatives and pay a nominal joining fee. The shows can have daily tickets, and we can even have food stalls inside the quiz area.
A fun run! It's easy to organize and it’s definitely a popular statement. Plus, the merchandise (shirts, tumblers, etc.) can add to the total revenues.
A musical play! Parents and relatives are sure to attend, and the alumni will surely enjoy the novel entertainment. We can put on more than one show to maximize the profit.
It's your final class for the day, and your Math teacher is absent but a substitute teacher sits in front to keep the class quiet. What do you do to pass the time?
Doodle in your notebook.
Go up to your substitute teacher and strike up a conversation. Find out why your Math teacher is absent, and when he is coming back.
Study. What else are you supposed to do during a free period with a substitute teacher?
Pass a note to your friends to set up a training session after class. You need to get yourselves in shape if you're going to beat your archrivals this year!
Listen to your favorite song on your iPod and imagine yourself starring in the music video.
Your homeroom teacher welcomes you to class on Monday and enthusiastically proposes a “getting to know you” party the coming Saturday for your class. What would be an ideal weekend event with your new classmates?
Why not do something totally creative and unexpected? We can go and have a paintball competition, or spend the day at a water amusement park! It doesn't have to be the same old boring thing.
A meet-and-greet with my classmates and their families would be a great activity. It would be really nice if the other teachers could join in as well.
It really depends on how much homework we're going to get over the weekend. Just because we want to have fun doesn't mean we have to ignore our schoolwork.
A field day at the park, with picnic food and games for us to play! We can have relay races, sock hops and even play tug-of-war.
A whole afternoon at a private videoke room sounds fun. We can get to know each other and sing our favorite songs!
You catch up with your BFFs halfway through the school day. After eating, what do you do during your lunch hour?
Look at each other's sketchpads. Discuss new projects and ideas that you can do with each other.
Talk about current events and important issues. Get to know the new students.
Look over our required reading lists for this semester and head to the library. Talk about great new books or documentaries you encountered over the summer.
Bring out a basketball, soccer ball or volleyball and get a game going. Practice some dance moves together.
Listen to each other's back-to-school playlists, looking for new musical discoveries. Go to the ladies room together and talk while fixing your hair.
It's the weekend before the first day of school and all your back-to-school things have been neatly arranged in your school bag. You decide to relax by watching television. What's on your TV screen?
Music videos. I listen to the TV while I'm sketching and drawing.
CNN, BBC, or a local news channel. It’s important to keep myself up to date.
A Discovery or National Geographic special. There's always something interesting showing on those channel.
A basketball game, a cheering competition, or So You Think You Can Dance. The competition is exciting.
Glee or American Idol. I love singing along to the songs that I know!
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