Which Christmas carol should you sing?

Spread happiness by singing the right tune on the merriest time of the year!by Mimi Tiu
  |  Dec 26, 2009
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You love bestowing gifts that:
Are presented in pretty packages. Gift-wrapping is your secret skill!
You know best describes its recipients. Thoughtfulness is your middle name.
Give your friends a sugar high to last until the New Year. Cookies and cupcakes are your specialty.
One thing you feel sad about Christmas in the Philippines is:
People forgetting about its real meaning and simply focusing on material things.
Being unable to make snow angels or ride sleighs.
Not having real, huge evergreen coniferous trees to adorn.
As a child, you were sometimes afraid that you wouldn't:
Be on Santa's nice list.
Remember the lyrics to the song you were performing at the school's Christmas party.
Be able to stay awake until midnight to open gifts.
For your clan's annual Christmas party, your parents always ask you to:
Perform a dance routine with your siblings and cousins.
Decorate the venue with a dash of Christmas colors.
Open the festivities with a prayer of thanksgiving.
The moment the -Ber months come along, you feel:
Completely excited! You can't wait to see your relatives at the next family reunion.
A little stressed. You don't want to think about the presents you need to get for everyone.
Nostalgic about the year so far, and imagine what you can do to end it on a high note.
When it comes to the Christmas decors, you're always in charge of:
Choosing the parol displayed right outside your house.
Fixing the belen and keeping the Baby Jesus tucked away until Christmas.
Hanging the Christmas stockings along your staircase.
Your favorite Christmas tradition is:
Attending Christmas Eve mass with the family.
Bonding as you all eat Noche Buena.
Opening presents in front of the tree.

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