Where Is Your Ultimate Summer Destination?

  |  Apr 17, 2010
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After a long Sunday studio shoot, you and your family are finally done. By this time it's gotten dark, so you go out to dinner. Where do you eat?
My family has about half a dozen favorite restaurants. We go to one of them.
What's the newest restaurant in this area? We're going there definitely.
We go to an outdoor garden restaurant, to enjoy the view.
We go to a restaurant known for its ambience, good food, and great service.
On the way home, you and your family have a conversation about your prospective summer plans. What are some of the things that you hear from them and from yourself, while you are deciding where to go?
"I'm looking forward to catching up on all my TV shows this summer." and "Why don't you want to go out with us?"
"Ooh, I haven't been there yet!" and "I wonder if we can go to all of these places with the time that we have."
"It's going to be beautiful and so peaceful." and "I wonder if there's access to the Internet there?"
"I can't wait to get out of the city and party!" and "I wonder who we'll bump into while we're there?"
It turns out that your parents booked a studio to take family pictures. Aside from formal clothes and matching outfits, you need to prepare a creative outfit for a solo shot. What do you bring?
I just wear whatever it is I already have on that day.
A full-on costume! I knew this authentic Indian sari would come in handy.
My most presentable hoodie, shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Comfortable and practical! I can wear it after the studio shoot to dinner.
A sundress, huge sunglasses, and lots of accessories. Fun and summery!
You wake up to the sound of your Mom making breakfast. As you and your siblings slide into your seats, your parents tell you today is family day. How does your family usually spend time together?
It can be anything from a four-hour videoke session, to a lunch buffet, to back to back movies! It’s the fact that we’re doing something together that's more important.
We go to the mall and then some. We like to shop and eat together! Discovering new places—stores, restaurants, parks, etc.—is what gets us going.
We're a very active family. We go bowling, or skating, or even hiking together. We like walking around a lot.
It doesn't happen often, but then it does it's a big deal. We usually go to theme parks and resorts, like Enchanted Kingdom or Fontana in Pampanga.
The next day, you wake up bright and early to spend the entire Saturday with your BFFs. You've been planning this for weeks! What's on your itinerary?
An all day bonding session! We might go to the mall and hang out for a bit, but mostly we’ll be watching movies at my best friend Natalie’s house. We’re also thinking of baking some cookies or having a cookout in the afternoon.
A walking tour of Intramuros, and then a trip to nearby Manila Ocean Park! We'll feel like tourists in our own city. How exciting!
A day at the park! The shade under the trees and the summer breeze are perfect for a midday picnic. We’ll also probably end up playing a little volleyball/soccer/Frisbee in the afternoon.
Tanning poolside, of course! We can socialize, bond, AND get our tan on. Plus, we get to test out our brand new bikinis for the summer!
It's been a long, fun-filled day. You decide to spend some quality time by yourself this Saturday night, so you throw a pack of popcorn in the microwave oven and turn on the TV. What do you watch?
Exactly what I want to watch. I pop in a DVD of my favorite TV show and have a mini-marathon.
National Geographic or Travel and Living. I love learning about culture and history, and travel shows always seem so exciting.
The Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Nature or animal documentaries are so awe-inspiring—they make me feel like I've still so much to experience in this world.
MTV's The Hills, or 90210. I love the drama and the music.
It’s the start of summer vacation! You are on your way home and daydreaming in the car. What do you imagine as you close your eyes and relax after a long year of tests and projects?
oks, my bed, my iPod, and laptop—no deadlines, no schedules, just my stuff and what I want to do.
Exotic locales, old buildings, souvenirs—the wonder of discovering new places.
Waterfalls, forests and mountains—the beauty and serenity of nature.
Sand, seashores and saltwater—nothing beats the summer heat like the beach.
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