What's Your Exercise Personality?

Are you the type to enroll in a gym with your barkada or are you okay with practicing yoga by yourself at home? Find out by taking this quiz.by Miao Ramos
  |  Mar 20, 2010
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It's the morning after the soiree. While eating breakfast, you receive a text from your best friend. "Hey, what are you doing today? Want to hang out?" What do you text back?
"I was planning on staying in today. Maybe next time?"
"Haven't got anything planned. I'm game for anything! What's up?"
"As usual. Walking the dog and looking after my baby sister. Want to come over? We can head out after my mom gets home."
"Oooh! We can all meet up and talk about last night. What are the others doing? I’ll see you girls at the Starbucks in Eastwood after lunch, if that's okay with all of you."
Later that Saturday, you find yourself watching TV at home. Halfway through the show, your big brother plops down beside you and grabs the remote control. What do you say?
Say nothing. You give your brother the TV and look for something else to do on your own.
"Hi, Kuya! What's up?" It wasn't an interesting show anyway. You let your brother change the channel and watch what he's watching.
"What do you want to watch, Kuya? Maybe we can jump from your show to mine during commercials."
"Kuya, I'm watching something! Just wait for my show to finish then I’ll watch with you after. Please? I’ll even make us popcorn if you promise not to change the channel."
Finally, it's Friday night! Now you’re at a school soiree on a first date with your crush. The dance floor is packed! He asks you if you'd like to dance. What do you say?
"Sorry, crowds make me uncomfortable. I was actually going to step out in a bit for some fresh air. Would you like to join me?"
"Yeah, sounds great! Do you want to wait until the next song? Maybe you want to talk instead. We can check the buffet table, too, if you'd like. What do you think?"
"Sure! But can we wait for the dance floor to clear a bit? There are so many people dancing."
"I love dancing! I thought you'd never ask. Come on!"
Oh, no! It's Thursday and Mrs. Santos just assigned a 5-page reaction paper due tomorrow. You already have an exam scheduled Friday morning, and many readings and handouts to get through. What's your study strategy?
All-nighter! I’ll go home and study by myself. Hopefully there will be enough time to do the reaction paper and go though all the readings and handouts.
Whatever works! I can talk to my teachers about which topics are more likely to appear on the exam. My friends and I can brainstorm about the reaction paper. I can even look for review material online.
The usual! Go home. Prepare what needs to be prepared for tomorrow. Have dinner with my family. Do my homework and study before sleeping. That's what I do almost every day.
Study group! I'll arrange a barkada meet-up after school. We can review together and get more done while motivating each other. We can also exchange ideas for the reaction paper.
It's Wednesday—show time for your class. What part do you play in this group production?
I'm actually only slightly involved in the production, but I wrote the script.
I'm the Jack of all Trades: music director, assistant set designer, makeup artist, bit player… you name it, I'm probably doing it or helping out the person who is.
I'm the director. I make sure that everything happens exactly the way it should happen. People go to me when they don't know what to do or if something goes wrong.
I'm the star of the show! I love memorizing lines and working with other actors. Practicing scenes with my friends is almost as fun as just hanging out.
Your teachers gave the whole of Tuesday afternoon to stage a final rehearsal for a class play. This will make up a huge chunk of your final grade in English. How would you describe your ideal final rehearsal?
Get it done! I do most of my school work alone, so group projects are a strain for me. An ideal final rehearsal should focus on the work to be done, and that's it.
Go with the flow! Whatever happens, happens. There should always be room for changes, even at the last minute.
Casual and cool! Our class should have a rehearsal routine by now. We shouldn’t be stressing, but we shouldn’t be goofing off, either. A great work ethic makes for a good final grade.
Fun and energetic! Our class will benefit from lots of action, laughter and idea sharing. Food and music will also encourage us to practice more.

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