What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Love Life

Your Moon sign is all about your most intimate feelings, fears, and desires.
by Aussy Aportadera   |  Mar 27, 2020
Art: Hannah Villafuerte
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These days, the daily horoscope no longer cuts it. With astrology apps making shortcuts to the once-complex natal chart readings, everyone has some basic knowledge of their Big Three: Sun Sign, or motivation; Rising Sign, or public mask; and Moon Sign, or deepest emotions. And when it comes to relationships, dating, and love, the intimacy and vulnerability of your Moon sign can shed light on a whole new path of self-discovery!

Note: Find your Big Three through an astrology app – Co-Star, Sanctuary World, or Time Passages – or go to www.cafeastrology.com with your date, place, and time of birth! Call your moms.

Aries Moon

You get what you want – instantly! Whether it’s interest (“do they like me?”), attention (“if it’s not constant, I don’t want it all”), or information (“is it a date?”), you’re going to have it, or else you’re going to move on. 


Taurus Moon

You experience and express love and attraction through the physical senses. For you, it’s not corny at all to start out a flirtation with sitting next to each other, then later holding hands. Slow burn pero kakakilig, diba?


Gemini Moon

Sliding into DM’s and actually going out to chat over coffee is your game. You like to talk and get into the thought process of the person that you’re interested in – but they have to keep you interested, too.

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Cancer Moon

You’re the physical embodiment of a warm hug. When people are around you, they find it easy to be soft and caring, and sometimes your head just gets lost in the clouds.

Leo Moon

All eyes are on you. You are bold, bright, and beautiful! You have a strong personality that makes you the center of attention – and attraction – all the time. Imagine how your crush feels when you pay attention to them!


Virgo Moon

You have a mental list of what you want in a partner, and things can get pretty frustrating when you can’t tick one thing off even if there’s clearly a connection already. Take it easy. Make room for human error – or magic.

Libra Moon

TBH you’re the Player of the zodiac. As a natural flirt and heartthrob, it can be confusing to be around you. It doesn’t help that you’re always sending mixed signals. So, try this for once: Make it clear. Say what – and who – you want.

Scorpio Moon

If there’s one thing you wish people knew about you, it’s that you do want to be known. You’re looking for someone who will make the effort (but not too much effort) to get to know your weirdness in its entirety. And it’ll be worth it! 

Sagittarius Moon

You’re in love with the concept of falling in love. Your favorite part of a relationship is the honeymoon stage. But when the fireworks are over, can you keep the flame alive? (Hint: You can.)


Capricorn Moon

You’re not just looking for someone to bring home to mom and dad, they also have to get along with kuya, ate, and the dog – but that’s not realistic! Listen to your own heart first and go for someone that you love regardless of other people’s opinions. 

Aquarius Moon

If there’s anything that will turn you off, it’s clinginess. You love your individuality, and you worked hard for this self-awareness. Someone that is just as independent and individual as you are is what makes for an instant attraction.

Pisces Moon

You’re an old-school romantic who will make a playlist about their feelings and write a poem for their crush. If someone were to make you harana – wala, alam na. You’ve got a dream lover, now how can you make this dream come true?


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