What Type of Online Stalker Are You?

So you claim you're an expert in stalking someone online, but are you really?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 11, 2014
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Find out what kind of online stalker you are by taking this quiz. BTW, you might want to take down notes because we left a few stalking tips in the quiz. LOLJK!

What's the first website you go to in order to "research" about your crush?
Facebook and Twitter
Instagram and Tumblr
You can't find your crush's Facebook account. What do you do?
Give up completely. Maybe he isn't that active online. *sob*
Go to the accounts of people who might know him. Maybe he's there somewhere, and he's just not using his real name.
Go to the URL bar and type www.facebook.com/(your crush's name). Maybe he's just not searchable.
Hooray, you found your crush's Facebook account! What do you first go through?
His latest status updates. What's he been up to lately?
His photo albums. Is he vain?
Scroll down as far as you can and work your way back to his latest updates. Background check first.
You Google your crush's name and you get several pages of results. Where do you start looking?
The first page, which is his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
You go to the Images results instead. Maybe there are old photos of him you can save in your phone.
You start with the last page. Maybe there are dark things from his past he's hiding from everyone.
One of the results in Google shows a blog post written by his ex-girlfriend circa 2006, but the post seems to have been removed or the link is broken. What do you do?
Just stop right there. It was his past for a reason. Maybe they didn't end on good terms that's why the girl had to remove it online.
Go to the cached webpage. Ha!
Go to Wayback Machine and type his ex-girlfriend's URL. Tadaaa!

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