What to Pack in Your Travel Emergency Kit

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by Kristy Texon for TravelBook.ph   |  Sep 26, 2015
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Traveling in itself is already a fun thing to do, but there's one way to make traveling even more exciting: go on aspontaneous trip! Dropping whatever it is you're doing for an impromptu out-of-town escapade is a thrilling idea, and the flurry of last-minute arrangements only ups the adrenaline. In light of doing something new this year, why not go on the next spur of the moment trip you're invited to? So you'll be ready for any adventure, we've listed down the things you should pack in your go-anywhere emergency bag. Keep the bag in your car, or in a spot at home that's easily accessible.


  • A clean shirt, and a pair of shorts or jeans—Two sets of clothes will allow you to go on a weekend trip. In case you suddenly decide to extend your trip, you can wash the set you've already used. Pack light—if you must bring jeans, wear them in transit so you can save on luggage space. Comfy and flexible items like drawstring pants, canvas cargo pants, or shorts are also smart choices. Avoid packing linen as it wrinkles easily.
  • A jacket—A jacket with a hood can keep you warm—opt for a water-repellent jacket if you're traveling in the rainy season. You can bring anoraks that fold and zip up into a pocket to save space. If you're bringing a thicker jacket, wear them in transit as well.

Bath basics

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste—A retractable toothbrush saves space in your kit. A toothpaste sachet with a twist cap is easier and less messy to pack.
  • Soap, shampoo, and deodorant—Choose travel-sized essentials to keep your bag light. Alternatively, you can just bring a multipurpose bath item, like a facial scrub, which you can use for your face and body. A plus: since the scrub comes in a tube, it won't 

First aid kit

  • Medicine for headache, diarrhea, allergies, and other special medications—Check your stash constantly and make sure the ones in your bag are not yet expired. If you're taking regular medications, prepare them in a pillbox so you don't have to bring a large bottle with you.If you're prone to motion sickness, make sure to keep a motion sickness pill, like Bonamine, on hand.

Practical items

  • Flashlight—Make sure you have spare batteries with you especially if you're staying outdoors. You can also get the manually powered ones that are charged by small dynamo cranks. A minute of cranking by hand will supply approximately an hour of power.
  • Camera—Bring a camera to preserve the experience for posterity. Remember to bring the charger (or for old cameras, batteries and film). Make sure to recharge the camera's battery at the end of each day.
  • Cash—Have enough cash for your trip as not all places have ATMs. Keep cash in separate bags so you don't lose all your money if you lose a bag.

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