Here's What to Do if You Don't Pass Your Dream School's Entrance Exam

by Leika Golez   |  Feb 17, 2023
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Many high school seniors typically gird their loins in preparation for entrance exam season. Apart from enrolling in review schools, they go the extra mile to take extra-curriculars and improve their current GPA to beef up their application. But even with all these elaborate preparations, some freshmen still end up getting turned down by their dream school. 

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If you’re struggling with this very issue, don’t lose hope just yet. Here are five practical steps to take if you don’t pass your dream school’s entrance exam: 

1. Don’t panic. 

We know it feels like the end of the world RN, but it’s important to keep a clear head as you map out your next move. After allowing yourself some time to grieve, remind yourself that you still tried your best even though things didn’t pan out the way you planned. 

2. Request for reconsideration. 

Contact your dream school and ask if they can reconsider the status of your application. You’ll probably be asked to prepare additional requirements like recommendation letters and letters of appeal to get into the school’s waitlist. The school might also ask you to apply for another course with a lower score requirement or transfer to a different campus with less applicants. The key here is to keep an open mind and fulfill all the requirements to the best of your abilities. Although tempting, don’t turn in half-hearted submissions just because you’re afraid of getting rejected again. 


3. Apply for other schools. 

As much as your dream school is important to you, it’s wise to consider a backup choice just in case. You’ll be thanking yourself later when the worst case scenario happens and you end up with zero plans for your freshman year. Besides, you can always just transfer to your dream school after your freshman year as long as you keep your grades up and prove your resilience. 

4. Consider taking a gap year. 

If you’re really hell-bent on going to only your dream school, maybe it’s time to take a year off from school. You can use your free time to rest and focus on your hobbies, but you can also work on taking online courses and applying for internships to improve your skills. That way, you’ll feel a lot more confident and ready when you finally decide to start your college journey. 

5. Try again next year. 

Remember: There’s no harm in trying again the following year! It’s normal to feel discouraged after your initial rejection, but don’t let that stop you from giving it another shot after a few months. After all, you’re highly likely to feel more self-assured during your second try since you already know what to expect. On the off chance that things still don’t work out afterwards, at least you’re aware that you’ll eventually overcome the issue someday.

Good luck out there!  


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