What to Do If You're No Longer Passionate About the College Course You Once Dreamt Of

by Mariel Roja   |  Mar 28, 2023
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You'll finally understand that the real world is waiting for you while you're in college. This so-called real world appears scary, intimidating, and at times harsh, but we are all required to face it one way or another. Once you enter college, your entire future is on the line—you are no longer the carefree young kid who can just run around. Having said that, selecting a college course is like a one-shot attempt to win in life. But what will you do if your passion for your chosen course starts to wane?

It's no surprise that many college students struggled when the pandemic halted our lives. One of its major impacts was the existential crisis it prompted which left many students questioning their life choices, especially in terms of their academic path. If you're currently in this situation, don't worry because we've got six tips to help you regain your passion for the course you once loved!

1. Go back to your roots

Do you remember how your eyes lit up when you held your first camera? What about your exact reaction when you saw a nurse heal the wounds of others? These small details that made you appreciate your craft are worth remembering when you're undecided about your next step. Maybe it's time to immerse yourself in your course again. Pursuing your passion in college can be exhausting because you are already learning technical skills, making it easy to lose sight of it. But by returning to your roots, you may rediscover why you chose your course out of many options.


2. Don’t be hard on yourself

Being in a room full of people who share your passion is wonderful, but it can also make you wonder if you're really capable of keeping up with them. These thoughts may consume you, causing you to second-guess your course in the first place. Here’s the thing, reaching your greatest potential is nonstop work even after college. Doubting yourself is normal as long as you continue to strive to improve your skills. Being gentle with yourself is sometimes the only way to find your drive again.

3. Find the time to breathe and reflect

As cliché as it may sound, allowing yourself to breathe and reflect can save you from a lot of dilemmas in life. You must accept that you will not be able to figure things out overnight, and you certainly can’t bring back that fire again for your course in an instant. Perhaps all you need to do is sit down and acknowledge your emotions. Begin by admitting to yourself that you're losing interest, and then figure out where things went wrong. From there, you'll have the final say on whether to accept your current situation or make a real change. 

4. Assess your goals and plans 

Braving college is a loud declaration of your ambitions in life. However, these goals and plans can take a different turn over time which is perfectly fine. In line with giving yourself time to reflect, try to also assess what you really want to do after college. This may be difficult because it is still blurry for you so confront yourself slowly, one day at a time.

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5. Remember that you can reroute your life

Your college course is very important, but you still have control over your life. We all move at our own pace and if your burning passion can no longer be ignited, you are free to reroute your life. This could imply shifting courses or pursuing a different discipline within the same field. At the end of the day, what matters most is how you did not give up on being the best version of yourself.

6. Get in touch with your support system

Maintaining a strong support system will help you in reshaping your perspective and focus on what is truly needed. It takes time to rekindle your love for your course and it is a great comfort to know that there will be people who will support you along the way. Nothing beats a good conversation with people who know you best, no matter where life takes you. Because they have witnessed your ups and downs, this support system validates you with their willingness to listen and understand.

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