What Summer Activities Should You Do?

Looking forward to a productive summer? Take this quiz to find out what classes you should take.by Miao Olivar
  |  May 1, 2010
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The surprise turns out to be a traditional date—an early movie, then lunch. He does tell you that you can choose what the two of you will do after lunch. Which of these options would you pick?
I'd smile and ask him nicely to actually surprise me and pick the activity himself.
A visit to a museum, an art gallery or a library.
Maybe another movie; or an afternoon at a video arcade to play some Rock Band or Guitar Hero!
A leisurely walk in the park, and maybe a friendly game of one-on-one basketball.
After your date, John brings you home and surprises you by walking you to your door, and then kissing your cheek before saying goodbye. How do you feel while this is happening?
The feeling of exhilaration is indescribable!
Like receiving an award or a medal to commemorate your achievements.
Like reaching the high note of the theme song in a musical.
Like scoring the winning three-point shot with 5 seconds on the clock.
John calls you up after lunch and says the date will be a surprise. Which of these scenarios would be the best surprise for you?
Something that you totally would not expect and cannot possibly guess.
A day spent volunteering at an orphanage or a day care center.
Front row seats to a concert of a musician you really like.
An out of town trip to a scenic picnic area or a hiking trail.
At the end of the day, John asks for your number before your groups split up to go home. The next morning he texts you and asks you out on a date! How do you react?
You are overwhelmed with happiness and don't know how to react.
You feel flattered and surprised, and while blushing profusely, you check your organizer to see if you are free on that day.
You swoon and say "YES!" triumphantly at the top of your lungs, and then do a little victory dance.
Overjoyed, you run up and down the stairs, screaming just to get out all of your excitement.
In the afternoon, you and your friends run into the barkada of your crush, John. Because one of them is your friend Jennifer’s close cousin, your two groups end up hanging out together. What about your crush makes him so attractive?
He's unique and mysterious; there's no one else that's quite like him.
He's responsible, wholesome and a good role model.
He's artistic, expressive and so creative.
He's athletic, confident and very outgoing.a
Over the course of the afternoon, you and your crush John strike up a conversation and start to really talk to each other. He asks you to tell him a little bit more about yourself and what you're interested in. What do you say?
"There's so much to say! I’m a jack of all trades. I love doing a lot of different things because I don't think that I should be limited to just one passion."
"I'm interested in being the best that I can be. I think that making a difference, however small, is important. I have a lot of extracurricular activities."
"I love creating things and being part of a greater artistic vision. Dance, visual art, theater, music—these are all inspiring to me."
"I'm really into sports and competition. I enjoy working out, getting into shape and watching the game on TV with my friends."
1. You’re out with your friends bright and early in the morning, enjoying the first week of summer. Where are you girls and what are you doing?
Depends on which day it is. Cookout at the park, swimming at the sports club, hanging out at a café—it varies.
At the local community center, helping out at the annual summer fundraiser and garage sale.
At the mall, on our way to watch a movie.
Playing a friendly game of volleyball at the park.

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