What's On My Desk: Arlene Sy

We sneak a peek at this artist's super pretty workspace.
  |  Jun 29, 2013
PHOTO Arlene Sy
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Arlene Sy


Name: Arlene Sy

What I do for a living: Visual artist, illustrator, and paper goods designer

What I'm reading now: Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington

What inspires me: Beautiful art and interiors, great coffee, and traveling!

My favorite part of my desk area: I enjoy decorating my wall, which is a catch-all for images and notes that inspire me. I also love that the space gets a good dose of sunlight every morning.

What I do at my desk aside from work: I plan upcoming projects, jot down sudden bursts of inspiration, or flip through my collection of books and magazines to give me fresh ideas when I'm in a rut.

My dream desk: I dream of having a workspace like fashion illustrator David Downton's! His portraits are so stunning. I'd love to have a spacious studio that gives me privacy while allowing me to experiment with large pieces.


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