Well Played Prank

Have you ever had a joke played on you on April Fool's Day? We share the best pranks played on us or played by us!
  |  Apr 2, 2013
photos by Patrick Martires and courtesy of 20th Century Fox (Cheaper by the Dozen)
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marla.jpg Those cockroach-in-a-pack-of-gum toys from the nineties? Fell for those every. Single. Time. —Marla, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg It's not really a prank but I used to go to Starbucks with my friends and they would order a drink and say their name was "Free." So when the barista would call them, "One Mocha Frappucino for Free!" Haha. I used to find this really funny. :P  Steph, Art Director
There was an interactive viral video for the show Dexter a few years ago, where you type someone's name in and it comes out as a news clip of a serial killer in Miami's next intended victim. My brother was in Miami at the time so I sent it to him as a joke, but he didn't noticed the Dexter tag at the end, and actually believed he was the next target. I didn't tell him till maybe 3 years later and he punched me in the arm really hard. —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor
erin.jpg Back in summer camp when I was 11, the girls and I raided the boys room while they were asleep! We stole some of their stuff and hid it around the camp grounds. The best (and meanest) thing we did was hang the underwear of one of the boys on the flag pole! —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant
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