Weekend To-Do: Primp and Pamper Time!

by Erin Torrejon   |  Dec 19, 2013
PHOTO Engellheart Jarilla
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DIY Skin Treatement

Start off a relaxing weekend that's all for you with a DIY dry scalp mask that can help rejuvenate your hair. The best part? It's fuss-free because it's easy and quick to make, plus you won't have to spend because you'll be using ingredients that you can find in your house! So, start making that mask and get your pampering on!

Holiday Hair How-To

After giving your hair a treat, it's now time to learn a new hairstyle you can sport over the holidays! It's the perfect time to watch this video because you're on vacation which means you have the time and energy to learn brand new styling tricks. Try it out a few times and don't rush yourself because the weekend is all about relaxing and feeling and looking good.

Christmas Nail Art

Since you're done giving your hair some TLC (tender loving care), it's now time to focus on your pretty hands by giving it a playful makeover with fun holiday nail art! Whether you want to sport Santa and Frosty on your tips or you're all for snowflakes and patterns, this tutorial is perfect for you because it shows ten different Christmas nail art tutorials that you can easily do. Start watching the video and start pampering yourself a much-needed at home mani!

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