6 Ways to Survive Being a HUMSS Student in Senior High School

by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  May 2, 2023
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Being a Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) student in senior high school is both challenging and rewarding. The subjects you’ll encounter will often require critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills. This is because you’ll be studying humans and society across different disciplines such as in history, psychology, and sociology. So, expect that you’ll be doing a lot of thinking and reading during your time as a HUMSS student.

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While it seems that the HUMSS student life is fast-paced with all the reading and writing activities, you can definitely succeed and graduate as a HUMSS major in senior high school. Besides being organized and keeping track of assignments and deadlines, we offer you six ways to survive being a HUMSS student in SHS:

Build your self-confidence

Having a career related to HUMSS means taking on jobs that require you to have some self-confidence. HUMSS graduates are usually reporters, lawyers, politicians, teachers, and social workers. You’re expected to be good communicators and public speakers so as early as senior high school, try honing your self-confidence so it will become easier for you to communicate with other people. Don’t worry, you have your professors and classmates to help you overcome your fears of speaking in front of a crowd.

Learn how to read lengthy articles and readings

Be prepared to read a lot because HUMSS students are usually given several articles and readings in relation to their subjects. You can expect to read about different laws, and social science theories, and even analyze case studies. If you aren’t much of a reader, you might have a challenging time handling readings assigned to you and your class. Try making a to-do list of topics in your readings that you should accomplish within the day so that you won’t experience ~information overload~ trying to read everything in one go.


Practice writing different forms of literature

Besides learning how to speak in public, you’ll also pick up how to write different forms of literature. This includes scripts, short stories, poems, articles, and essays. While you’ll also study these things during your time as a HUMSS student, it doesn’t hurt to practice writing brief paragraphs during your spare time to become more articulate in your written works. Who knows, you might become an award-winning novelist or screenwriter in the future!

Open yourself to new ideas and beliefs

As a HUMSS student, you’ll be encountering people who may have beliefs different from yours whether it may be religious or social beliefs. Don’t close yourself off to different ideas just because they aren’t aligned with what you believe in. Respect other people’s beliefs and learn from them because they can teach you things that you may not have known before.

Have a lot of patience in learning new concepts and theories

What makes being a HUMSS student different from other strands is that you’ll be learning about concepts and theories that have affected society itself. From psychological theories that explain human behavior to sociological concepts like feminism, expect to learn more about these in this particular strand. Have some patience in knowing more about the humanities and social sciences because the things you’ll learn will give you a better view of the human person and how society works.

Be updated with current events

Oftentimes, HUMSS students will be engaged in class discussions and debates on various issues. It helps to be updated on current events by watching the news briefly every day or reading through news articles from reputable news agencies so you can properly give your opinions on certain topics. Additionally, you’ll know what’s happening within the community, the country, and even in other nations. You and your family can be even more prepared for events like price hikes and weather changes if you watch the news regularly.

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