Want To Be The Next Big Hit? Learn What Happened At Globe Virtual Hangouts' GoJAM!

Here's how Globe Prepaid supports Gen Z's passion for music.
May 30, 2022
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Want To Be The Next Big Hit? Learn What Happened At Globe Virtual Hangouts' GoJAM!

Globe Virtual Hangouts’ GoJAM is the pioneer of GenZ empowerment in owning their music and turning passions into professions. Being home to the top youth musical talents in the archipelago, it has become a platform for musicians to access curated mentorships and countless opportunities to help jumpstart their careers in the entertainment industry.

Just recently, Globe Virtual Hangouts has extended its channel via GoJAM: On Stage Talent Search so that everyone can have the chance to showcase their talents and put their local works in the spotlight!

Here, GoJAM has gone beyond just musical performances by hosting a heated competition to find the next best sound in the Filipino music scene.

Globe Virtual Hangouts has also brought together Pinoy musicians and fans in an exciting launch party to carefully select a group of qualified participants who will jam it out in an extensive online workshop that will arm them with the know-how and mindset of music professionals.

Such events have built up to a star-studded grand finale that allowed ten lucky participants to showcase their musical arrangements to a crowd and have their masterpieces produced professionally.

Ultimately, the competition has witnessed the birth of new local talent, where they came full circle and signed their first management contract with Kroma Entertainment!

Sound Check

To kick off the two-month-long affair, Globe Virtual Hangouts held a Launch Party to introduce the entire event, hosted by rock vocalist and radio jock Candy Gamos. Through the Globe Virtual Hangouts Portal, partygoers got a glimpse of what's in store for them— from the contest application process to the prizes.

The Launch Party also featured brief mentoring sessions from notable names in the industry. Chief Executive Officer of Kroma Entertainment Ian Monsod and the Managing Director of MCA Music (UMUSIC Philippines) Enzo Valdez touched on topics like “What Makes an Artist” and “New Music Business Trends and Digital Marketing,” respectively. Lastly, Unique Salonga brought the house down with a hot solo performance.

Passion For Music

The application process succeeded the launch party for all those wishing to show the PH music industry what they are made of. Each applicant sent in their original composition and was judged by song delivery, songwriting, arrangement, production, personality, marketability, and relevance.

The Globe Virtual Hangouts team then selected the Top 10 Candidates who went neck-to-neck during the campaign and grand finale.

But to back up their arsenal, all chosen participants have gone through a three-day boot camp where they were exposed to key players in the industry while enduring modules ranging from songwriting to the technical aspects of arranging and recording.

The camp was balanced with onsite practical teaching and application through various activities under said unique topics. Participants have gotten up close and personal with the leaders of Kroma Entertainment and UMUSIC Philippines, celebrity stylists, local singers, producers, and more!

After powering through such a competitive atmosphere, the ten finalists were able to connect with their fan bases to show more of who they were. The presentation of original music pieces, personal interviews, and trivia videos was all part of the campaign period, which led to the grand finale.

Last April 23, Globe Prepaid held the GoJAM On Stage Finale event at Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, where the top 10 finalists performed their original tracks in front of a live audience of over 2,000 people. It had special guest performers such as Lola Amour, I Belong To The Zoo, and Unique Salonga.

The grand winner of the first GoJAM On Stage Talent search is Joshua Emerson "jo3m" Manzanares with his original song Gustong Gusto Kita. The top 10 finalists started professionally recording their original songs to be released soon on digital streaming platforms.

Count on the Globe Virtual Hangouts Portal to support your lifestyle and provide you with all the necessary tools to stay updated on events that you can join. You can seamlessly navigate through the help desk and refer to these FAQs for more information. Don’t forget to visit the official bulletin board and keep an eye out for push notifications so you never have to fall off-beat!

For more information, visit https://www.globevirtualhangouts.ph/ or follow Globe on Facebook and Instagram.

This article is sponsored by Globe.


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