Whoa, Did You Know That You Can View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Here's a go-to guide on all things Insta!
by Karla Gabrielle Trillanes   |  Apr 30, 2021
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Whether you use it to get your name out there or to simply love sharing your favorite moments, Instagram is surely one of your go-to social media apps. It’s a great way to keep memories but can also help you achieve your dreams if you want to become a content creator. IG is one of the OG social media apps out there and we’re sure want to know more about the platform.

In October 2010, the world was introduced to a photo and video sharing app called Instagram. It was founded by Kevin Systrom, a 27-year-old Stanford University graduate, who was working at a travel recommendations startup called Nextstop. Before this, he was employed at Google as a corporate development associate and interned at Odeo, a company that later evolved into Twitter. On the first day of release, Insta garnered a whopping 25,000 users which are not even one percent of its current number of 1 billion users. After almost two years since its launch, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for USD 1 billion in cash and stock.


Back in the olden days (aka in the early 2010s), IG was known for only allowing framed square photos but as we all know, these restrictions no longer exist and we can upload both portrait and landscape photos. In 2015, they also released Instagram Stories to counter social media competitor Snapchat. This feature allows users to post photos and videos that are only accessible to their users for 24 hours unless they opt to put them in their profile highlights.

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Wanna learn more about how to maximize your fave app? Here’s the low-down on Instagram.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously

For whatever reason, we know that there are times you badly want to view someone’s Story without letting them know that you’ve seen it. It’s honestly simple to do and will take a few minutes. First, open your Instagram app and wait a few seconds until all the stories load on your phone. After, turn on Airplane mode, and go back to IG to see the stories without being connected to the internet. With this, your view won’t count. Pro tip: Close your IG app after viewing the story and before connecting to the internet. (via Distractify)


Aside from Stories, they also released some new features called Reels—which are Stories but can be viewed and remain on your feed—and Guides which are blog-type content for different types of niches.

How does one become Insta-famous?

The simple answer to this question is by posting authentic and genuine content. But as we all know, Instagram is a tough platform to break into given that it’s already pretty saturated. Meaning, there are so many people in the social networking app who are trying to make it and it would be hard for your posts to get noticed organically—aka by just simply posting without promoting your content.

One effective way to grow your brand is by switching your public Insta account to a professional account. This helps it get more visibility and lets people know that you're serious about your IG game and are trying to get your name out there. Having a professional account also has tons of perks that will help you up your Insta game! First, they give you a contact button that also allows brands to reach out to you if they come across your profile and would like to collaborate. Plus, you can access insights that would help you see if your content is working. For example, you can check your audience demographics—aka the age group, gender, and location—and ideate on what content might interest those said users. Another awesome feature is the ability to promote posts so you can pay a minimal fee so Instagram can show your content to the people outside of your follower list but might be interested in whatever you're posting. The possibilities are endless with a professional account, trust us!


A few hacks that you may not know you can do with Instagram

How to view someone’s profile pic even if they’re on private

Want to see your new crush’s DP but they’re on private? First, go to their profile and tap the three dots at the upper right corner of your screen. Click “Copy profile URL” and go to your mobile browser. Then, long press on the profile picture to enlarge the pic. Super easy, right?

How put your name on top of someone’s IG story view list

It’s no secret: All of us check our IG story viewers to see if *that person* has seen our latest post. Want to make sure your name is on top of their list? Just simply mute and unmute their stories and they should see your username when you view their stories!


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