Unstoppable Beginnings

Graduations mean endings-but not for our featured Whisper girl, Gela! See how she turned missed opportunities into unforgettable moments that got her marching on to new and wonderful beginnings.
  |  Apr 23, 2013
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Whisper Unstoppable

High School Heartbreak :-(

When my best friend and I attended the concert of my ultimate crush, Daniel Padilla, we got the best view in front of the stage. Because of my period, I felt so uneasy that night as I danced along Daniel's songs... and then I felt a sudden gush! Eek! I hurriedly ran to the nearest bathroom, and when I got back, I saw my BFF onstage being serenaded by Daniel. At that moment, I was so bummed! I could have been onstage with him, too!

Prom night was just around the corner, which got me all excited again since Daniel was invited to be our prom king. ♥ ♥ ♥ I was sure I was going to meet my dream guy—and possibly get chosen as his prom queen, too! But before I left our house, I suddenly got my period! Could the timing be any worse?

At prom, I felt so conscious and uncomfortable. Just when I wanted to dance, I felt a sudden gush so I rushed to the bathroom. When I got back, my whole world slipped away as I saw Daniel dancing with my best friend, his chosen prom queen. It’s unfair how I missed MY perfect moment yet again just because I had to make sure everything was going alright with my pad.

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Whisper Unstoppable

Lesson (not only) for Today

I wanted to blame the unfair circumstances of life for what happened, but I know there’s only one person to blame—me. Sadly, I settled with my pad, which has brought me nothing but constant worrying, endless trips to the comfort room, and the worst, missing out on Daniel!


But now, I refuse to allow my period to stop me from doing anything. As soon as I saw the Whisper Cottony Clean commercial, I was sold! I knew that I needed to switch.

After using Whisper Cottony Clean, I went from being awesome to being wonderstruckingly fantastic! I’m so happy I have discovered that Whisper has a cotton variant (I used to think they only had the purple one with the mesh top). Now, even with my period, I feel super comfortable because of its soft cottony cover that keeps me feeling clean all day! Not only that, I am confident because it is longer than a regular pad, so it fits me better, protecting me from stain. I can move freely and I don’t have to worry about wearing light-colored bottoms even with my period. I know Whisper’s got my back!

Whisper Unstoppable


Senior High Highlights! ♥ ♥ ♥

I was also able to enjoy the remaining high school events. And get this, I had my period during my high school graduation. But this time, I felt super comfortable and confident, all thanks to Whisper Cottony Clean! During my friend’s graduation bash, I was having so much fun dancing to Daniel Padilla’s “Hinahanaphanap Kita” when suddenly, someone tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and couldn’t believe that Daniel was looking straight at me! He asked if he could join me and my friends since we looked like we were having so much fun. Of course I said yes! Good thing that my period didn’t get the best of me. And at last, Daniel saw the real me—fun, confident, and unstoppable! So yes, even though I wasn’t the girl he serenaded or his chosen prom queen, at that moment, I felt like I was the queen of the world!



Whisper now has a cotton pad!

All-Day Confident is longer than the regular pad—so there's more protection from stains.

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