Avoid This Vegetable If You're Trying to Lose Weight

Yeah, an 'unhealthy' veggie exists.
by Ysa Singson for Cosmo.ph   |  May 11, 2017
Image: instagram.com/vegetables_fruit
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You know how when you attempt to start a diet (for the 57th time), you reach for what you think are healthier options? Well beware, because apparently, not all vegetables are created equal. There are actually veggies that make you gain weight, which might feel like the end of the world if your goal is to drop a few pounds.

Harvard researchers conducted study where they asked 130,000 participants to keep a food diary. They were asked to monitor their weights and write down everything they ate for a whole week. And this study has been going on for about two decades.

They found that the vegetables that lead to weight gain are the starchy ones. These veggies can cause your blood sugar levels to spike, which essentially makes you eat more. And guess which one is the worst offender? CORN. Potatoes and peas are next in line.

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Our advice? Instead of completely erasing these foods from your grocery list, it’ll probably be easier (and less emotionally painful) to just control your intake.

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