Where To Buy Under-P1000 Aesthetic Decor For Your Room

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jun 12, 2020
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Here’s the sad truth: Our bedrooms are filled with kalat of all sorts, from literal random things we’re too sentimental to let go of down to our emotional kalat from the occasional breakdown that takes place inside its four walls. Basically, our rooms represent who we are—kalat and all, except it’s cuter thanks to the aesthetic decor we fill it with. 

Whether we want to surround ourselves with pretty things 24/7 or we just need more ~aesthetic~ photos to post on Insta, buying home décor for our bedrooms is becoming a hobby for many. Since we’re spending our days cocooned inside our rooms anyway, we might as well make it cute for us to look at. After all, our surroundings can affect our mood, and we’d want our mood every day to be as bright as that desk lamp you're looking to buy online. In case you need more stuff (that isn’t kalat) to fill your room with, check out and bookmark the following online stores for cute and affordable finds.


If you’re into abstract art and clay pots, this Insta store is right up your alley. They have clay pots up for sale in various sizes and neutral colors, hand-painted with minimalist abstract illustrations. Use it as a home for your new plant or just leave it on its own as a solo decorative piece. They also have cute and tiny hand-painted coasters in various ~aethetic~ prints.



Some of us are firm believers that it’s all about the accent pieces. This online shop also carries throw pillow cases in artsy prints to make your bed feel more welcoming. They also have ornamental trays in various sizes and designs (from geometric to metal) that can double as accent pieces on your study table.


Is your room more of a rustic or a vintage hideout? Try decorating it with dried flowers stored in antique-looking jars. Atom Breathes has amber glass bottles that might just fit your room’s old-fashioned theme.


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You might feel less guilty about adding another thing to your already stuffed bedroom if it’s a sustainable piece! Resurrection, as its name suggests, repurposes old things no longer fit for use into rustic and artsy home décor. They’ve resurrected, pun not intended, an old mini fridge and transformed it into a coffee table! They also have smaller decorative and functional pieces, like trays and pencil holders, fit for your bedroom. Good timing, too, because many of the items on their website are on sale!



Nothing makes a space feel more homey than a piece of macramé art. There’s just something about the material and the method used to make it that adds to its character. This macramé artist makes pieces perfect for decorative purposes, from table runners to delicate dreamcatchers for your wall. 



There’s a certain kind of satisfaction you get when you decorate your room with unique pieces. While Design Story has pieces of furniture that’s a little beyond a college student’s budget, they also have eccentric decorative items with more affordable price tags.



We’re in the age where anything is possible, including kitchenware being used as a decorative piece inside the bedroom. Miramaru has beautifully patterned bowls and saucers in very affordable price tags so you don’t have to steal from your mom’s precious china collection.



Frankie and Friends, like what its name suggests, is a “community” of small business owners providing a variety of products, from fashion to home décor. They’re particular focused on promoting sustainability, too. Not only do you get to support homegrown businesses but you also get to promote a more economic lifestyle. When it comes to home décor, they have all sorts of knick knacks for your room—from ceramic bowls that will carry your accessories to glass scented candles that will make your room look and smell good.


Indeed, there is beauty in simplicity, as proven by the Scandinavian interior design. Low-key pretty but high-key functional is a trend that isn’t going to die down soon. Nordic Home has understated pieces in reasonable (read: under P1000) prices in case you want to invest on a new décor for your room.


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