Heading to University Soon? Here Are 6 Types of Friends You'll Need to Survive

by Maxine Nava Valdez   |  May 5, 2023
Art: Pau Moyano
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From dealing with strict professors to experiencing restless nights of cramming your thesis paper, you’ll definitely go through some of the most daunting things in college. This is why we should look for people who share the same struggles—someone to empathize with us and support us throughout our stay in university. You never know how much a friend can help you get through difficult moments!

Ahead we’ve listed the kinds of friends you’ll need in college to keep your sanity intact!

  • The Study Buddy

First on this list is the friend you can count on to go with you to the library to get reference books, a sleepover at your house to pull an all-nighter study sesh, or hang out at a cafe to go over each other’s lecture notes. This friend is essential to your productivity as they push you to use your time to study and work on tasks that you know would easily tire you out if you’re alone. This way you can track each other’s progress. Chika buddy mo rin ‘to when you take breaks in between studying!

  • The Life of the Party

Let’s be real: College lessons can be pretty boring sometimes, and you don’t always feel like studying after school hours *immediately*. It’s important to get out of your study mode once in a while and let loose! This is where this specific friend comes in: They’re always the first one to ask you if to meet for a karaoke night, play at an arcade, watch a movie, and all things exciting! Take the chance to be spontaneous with them. You’ll find that after a good time spent having fun with them, you’ll find that you have the energy to study again.


  • The Parental Figure

This friend is the one who never forgets to remind you of your pending tasks and deadlines and even takes care of you if you haven’t eaten yet or you’re feeling unwell because of academic stress. They’ll always tell you that rest is just as important as your grades! This person is definitely the one who’ll look for you in a crowded room and check if you’re already in the classroom. They’ll even call you if you’re not yet at an online meeting (and they’ll know that you’re late because you overslept, LOL!)

  • The Challenger

Every once in a while, we need a friend that will become our own personal reminder to keep challenging ourselves to become better students. This friend will most likely graduate with Latin honors and the person who is the whole class’ role model. It may feel like you’re being pressured into becoming like them but isn’t it good to be influenced by someone’s perseverance so you can also achieve the same? Trust me, you’ll eventually love being challenged and pushed to improve your skills. 

  • The “BS Org” Friend

In college, you’ll have your options of organizations to join. Whether you’re planning to be involved in the student council, varsity team, or pursue a more creative group outside of class discussions, this friend will be your guide. They’re usually the ones who remind you to attend seminars and events. You might even see them in multiple orgs doing a ton of extracurricular work. When you’re with your BS Org friend, you’ll realize that extracurricular work is fulfilling and that it’s exciting to be part of a team. PS: it’s good for your resume too!

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  • The University Ate/Kuya

It’s always nice to have someone who has been in the university longer than you have. Navigating college life is tough but getting advice and encouragement from those who came before you can totally calm you down in the middle of academic breakdowns. These people were once in your position and you know they’re genuinely rooting for your success, the same way they wanted someone to be there for them when they first started at the university.

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