Is Twitter Really Shutting Down? Here's Everything We Know About It So Far

by   |  Nov 25, 2022
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 Twitter users feared a shutdown of the microblogging platform following a news report from the U.S. that its employees took up tech billionaire Elon Musk's dare for them to leave if they were unwilling to work longer hours under his leadership.

Reuters News Agency cited employee polls that pointed to an exodus of Twitter employees. It also said the internal app of Twitter staff had begun to slow. In the Philippines, "TWITTER IS SHUTTING DOWN" was tweeted 62,900 times as of late today, November 18. The hashtag #GoodByeTwitter was posted 70,000 times.

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Twitter shutdown? Here's what happened so far

Also trending, Twitter alternatives like Telegram and OG social media network Friendster, except that it's long dead, along with those cringey testimonials.

Since taking full control of Twitter in late October, Musk has implemented sweeping changes on the microblogging platform that has become a platform for free speech. The Tesla and Space X billionaire sold verification badges and laid off thousands of staff, only to rehire some of them back.

In a recent memo to employeers, Musk asked everyone to "work long hours at high intensity" or leave.

Twitter rival Meta's Instagram tweeted, if for posterity, that it really likes the app with the blue bird.

Social media and TV star Maine Mendoza said she was hoping the rumors are nothing but "fake news".


Singer Maris Racal feared for memes.

For those who lived long enough to have posted on Twitter during its infancy, the reemergence of the "fail whale" will be a bad omen.

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Musk addressed the trend with a "jump the shark" meme and a call for fact-checking. He deleted it in minutes.

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