Twitter's New Font and 'Follow' Button Design Left Users With *Mixed* Feelings

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by Bianca Custodio   |  Aug 14, 2021
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If you’ve logged onto Twitter recently, you might have noticed a *few* changes. (Don’t worry, you’re not tripping. We’re seeing them, too!) On Thursday, August 12, Twitter officially came out with a few new tweaks in their all-too-familiar design, which included a new font, called Chirp, higher contrast colors, and less visual clutter. 

A tweet from Twitter Design reads, “While it might feel weird at first, these updates make us more accessible, unique, and focused on you and what you’re talking about.” The latter part remains debatable for many, but yes, Twitter, we can confirm that it *does* feel a little weird. 

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On the TL, people are either digging the new, sleeker look or are just confused and indifferent and tweeting things like, “twitter ???” But a quick search with the words "twitter font" or "follow button" will immediately tell you that a majority of users seem to feel rather strongly against these changes. Change is never easy for anyone, but it seems that many aren’t fans of this particular one. 

In an elaborate thread, Twitter’s Derrit DeRouen breaks down the site’s new typeface, Chirp, as the first ever font owned by and specifically developed for Twitter. DeRouen expresses much passion and enthusiasm towards the development of this "brand refresh," writing that its sole objective is “to improve how we convey emotion and imperfection.” 


DeRouen adds, “For everyday use it must be sharp and legible (with good density), but with personality and distinctiveness.” While it all sounds pretty inviting on paper, many users complain that Chirp is a lot harder for them to read. One user writes, “the new twitter font has cured my addiction to this bird app because i actually can't scroll without getting a headache now.” 

Additionally, Twitter also made a few changes to its color scheme, the most notable being that of the Follow button. “Our new buttons are high contrast too,” Twitter writes. “Now the most important actions you can take stand out. Yes, the follow buttons look different, but they’ll help you see what actions you’ve taken at a glance.”


Previously, a hollow "Follow" button indicates that you have yet to follow a user while a filled blue "Following" button indicates that you’ve already followed them. But to the surprise of many, this mechanism was not carried over into the new changes. Now, the "Follow" buttons are filled either white (on dark mode) or black (on light mode), while the "Following" buttons are hollow. Yup, it now works the complete opposite, and many people are understandably confused.

A user writes, “there was absolutely nothing wrong with the follow button @Twitter. now you got me looking crazy unfollowing & following people.”

Meanwhile, people are still waiting for that edit button. 

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