10 Courses TVL Students Can Pursue in College

by Reina Lyne Pintang   |  May 23, 2023
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The Technical-Vocational-Livelihood or TVL track prides itself as a course designed to enhance students' technical skills for highly-specialized professions. With guaranteed Certificates of Competency (COCs) and National Certifications (NCs), its curriculum surely equips students with job-ready skill sets should they wish to work right after senior high school. However, even with provided completion certificates and some limited early career opportunities, TVL graduates can always further their studies at the college level. 

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If you want to take a more comprehensive and specialized education in the TVL field, here are 10 college courses you can pursue:   

1. Computer Science

By having subjects that cover web development, technical drafting, computer programming, animation, and web design, the TVL track caters to tech-savvy students passionate about anything and everything about computers and technology. With this, a degree that centers on the study of algorithms, networks, and databases is actually a good option to take in college. If you want to pursue this one of the most in-demand courses in the country, you should definitely check out the De La Salle University and University of the Philippines Diliman for their top-rated curriculum.


2. Information Technology

This degree program gears students with valuable skills vital in designing, developing, and implementing software applications. Since TVL trains students to deal with different technological problems, this track serves as a great foundation for  IT professionals in the future. The University of the Philippines Diliman and Ateneo De Manila University offer the most recognized programs for IT in the Philippines. 

3. Tourism Management

Providing students with the knowledge and skills in tourism and event management, TVL opens doors for those who want to thrive in the travel industry. This track introduces the fundamentals of tourism operations and travel services, as well as the basics of international and local studies to prepare graduates who would wish to explore tourism in higher education. Lyceum of the Philippines University - Manila and Central Philippine University specializes in this degree program so make sure to go over them. 

4. Hotel and Restaurant Management

TVL covers broad aspects of the hospitality industry, particularly food service, bartending, and housekeeping. It allows students to learn about the processes of handling operations in hotels, restaurants, or resorts—from planning to staffing and everything in between. With heavy emphasis on service industry functions and livelihood development, this is a great preparatory path for those who have the heart for hotel and restaurant servicing. The Far Eastern University and De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde are notable for their programs in HRM.

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5. Fashion Design and Merchandising

With subjects concentrating on fashion design, TVL gives an opportunity for students to ignite their fashion-forward dreams! This love for creating, styling, and marketing clothes, topped with the lessons on dressmaking and tailoring, are the perfect head start in pursuing a career in fashion! SoFA Design Institute and Fashion Institute of the Philippines are two of the best schools in the country known for their top curriculum for this degree. 

6. Agriculture

As the all-around track that it is, TVL also houses students who are strongly interested in field productions, specifically agriculture. The practice on the intricacies of crop production, organic agriculture, and even rice machinery operations lay out an overview of the processes and techniques in managing agribusinessideal for those who would want to run and grow farmlands. For those who are planning to advance their passion for agriculture in college, the University of the Philippines Los Banos and University of the Philippines Diliman are widely distinguished for their agricultural programs. 


7. Forestry

Another interesting course for TVL students to take is Forestry. This degree program will develop their expertise in forest and environmental conservation, which are very vital especially in today’s climate. Students who would want to have a better understanding on addressing issues in natural resources and ecosystems should look into the Forestry course offered by the University of the Philippines Los Banos and Visayas State University. 

8. Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Aside from agriculture, TVL students are also taught to conserve the production of fisheries resources in the country. Their strong foundation in coastal management from the subjects in aquaculture, fish capture, and fish wharf operation are a substantial advantage in taking a higher fisheries management course. For those who desire to gain extensive knowledge in this field, make sure to check out the curriculum of the Central Luzon State University and University of Southern Mindanao.

9. Industrial Engineering

The TVL curriculum comprises topics in numerous industry jobs like machining, construction, plumbing, and metal welding, so students who are into improving their industry skills can  pursue a career path in industrial engineering. For sure, this is the course for people who would need to elevate inventions to the next level and become industrial field experts. Adamson University and Mapua University are just some of the universities in the country with established programs in industrial engineering. 


10. Mechanical Engineering

TVL also teaches the development, operation, and maintenance of machinery and transportation systems through subjects in automotive, motorcycle, and mechatronic servicing. Paired with the interest in building and fixing various engines, the learnings from this track can certainly allow TVL graduates to take mechanical engineering as their college course. Universities like Batangas State University - Alangilan campus and Mapua University have a remarkable program for aspiring mechanical engineers.

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