Everything You Need to Know Before Applying to Trinity University of Asia

It housed many notable alumni including Erich Gonzales and Jean Garcia.
by Leika Golez   |  Nov 11, 2022
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If you’re looking for a private university located within Quezon City, you might want to consider adding Trinity University of Asia to your college shortlist. Founded in 1963, this non-profit institution is a premier Christian university that aims to develop skilled, productive, and socially responsible citizens. With their excellent learning services and numerous co-curricular and extracurricular activities, this school is a top-of-mind choice for many aspiring professionals. 

Curious to learn more? Ahead, we’ve collated a guide discussing everything you need to know before applying to Trinity University of Asia.

History of Trinity University of Asia 

Founded in 1963, Trinity University of Asia is the very first educational institution organized from the concordat of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and the Iglesia Filipina Independiente. After receiving 160 shares of Procter and Gamble stock, former Bishop of the Philippine Episcopal Church Rt. Rev. Lyman C. Ogilby used the funds to buy the former Capitol City College from the P.E. Domingo family. The school was then called Trinity College of Quezon City as it was named after Trinity College of Hartford in Connecticut, USA.


While its current president Dr. Wilfred U. Tiu was installed as the sixth president in 2017, its very first president was Dr. Arthur L. Carson. As years passed, the school’s one-building campus was expanded to include a gymnasium, a learning center for children, a three-storey elementary school building, a chapel, a prayer garden, and a theater-type auditorium. The university also partnered with the Zobel Foundation to offer scholarship grants to the Disabled Enablement and Empowerment Program members, which led then-President Fidel V. Ramos to name the school as the “Friendliest School for the Disabled.” Academics aside, the school also joined the National College Athletic Association and regularly won many gold medals in basketball, swimming, volleyball, chess, and tennis competitions. 

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Following all these developments, the Commission on Higher Education finally granted the school’s university status in July 2006. Three years later, the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines also gave the school Institutional Accreditation Status. Sustaining its image nationally and internationally paved the way to its university status granted on 18 July 2006 by the Commission on Higher Education.


Top Courses Trinity University of Asia is Known For 

Although the university offers a wide range of top-quality courses, they are most known for their stellar College of Arts, Sciences and Education. A good number of courses under this college have been credited with a Level III status, namely, Broadcasting, Communication, Biology, and Psychology. Meanwhile, their programs in Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, and Special Needs Education have been accredited with a Level IV status. Beyond this college, their Hospitality Management and Tourism Management have also been accredited by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management.

How to Apply to Trinity University of Asia 

To apply to the school, prospective freshmen must visit Trinity University of Asia’s online portal through this link. After clicking “New Students,” they will be asked to submit their personal contact details through an account registration form on the same website. They will then receive a confirmation email with a verification link to their new account. From there, they must  submit several admissions forms and other pending requirements through the portal. 


How Much Tuition and Other Fees Cost at Trinity University of Asia 

Like other universities, tuition fees vary depending on a student’s chosen course of study. According to the school’s official website, tuition fees typically do not exceed 1,500 pesos per unit. Approximately speaking, one unit can range from 1,002.50 pesos to 1,448.59 pesos for undergraduate courses. The school also offers scholarships and discounts to varsity student athletes, students who graduated high school with honors, or students who could maintain a stellar grade-point average every semester. The campus also houses two university dormitories that students can rent at reasonable rates.

Famous Alumni From Trinity University of Asia 

Trinity University of Asia is home to many notable alumni, specifically in the fields of media and entertainment. GMA broadcast journalist Raffy Tima was a graduate of AB Mass Communication, similar to actress Erich Gonzales. In addition, veteran actress Jean Garcia and Bagani star Ahron Villena also graduated from the university and even received the Trinitian Media Practitioner Award for their contributions to the industry.



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