Trick Or Treat

Do you dress up for Halloween? Here's what we'd wear if we're out begging for candy!
  |  Oct 30, 2012
photo courtesy of The CW (The Vampire Diaries)
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If you were to go trick or treating, what would your costume be?

marla.jpg I'd be a Despicable Me minion! A denim dress over a yellow sweater, black gloves and goggles, and I'm all set. —Marla, Deputy Editor in Chief
steph.jpg I'd probably go as Minnie Mouse because I have Minnie ears and I have a lot of polka dot dresses. :) —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg It would be nice to go trick or treating as a turn-of-the-century vampire (peg: Katherine Pierce from TVD), but I've never found a nice, realistic set of fangs to wear yet. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg I'd love to be Katniss in her fiery dress—complete with Peeta by my side and a chariot to ride in (so we won't get tired walking from house to house!) —Angel, Features Editor
I still want to be one of the foxes from Fantastic Mr. Fox. —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor

I'd like to dress up as G-Dragon, in his music video, "Crayon," wearing one of those Frankenstein-esque football shoulder pad-armored pastel suits from Thom Browne's Fall 2012 collection. —Jed, Fashion and Beauty Assistant

dyan.jpg I'd go as Amy Pond, one of the 11th Doctor's companions on Doctor Who. I just started watching the fifth season (2010) and I cannot believe I let years go by without watching the show! —Dyan, Assistant Entertainment Editor
macy.jpg I'll wear bunny ears and and a pair of big sunnies to channel my favorite furry fashionista. —Macy, Web Managing Editor
erin.jpg I still go around trick or treating in costume every year despite being a bit too old to (heehee). This year is no exception and I'm thinking about going as a Disney princess! I'm picking between Jasmine or Snow White. Who do you think I should go as? —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant
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