Top 5 Signs You're Suffering From Talikophobia

  |  Dec 12, 2013
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You may think you’ve got your monthly period covered with all the necessary accessories and cover-ups, but sometimes you can’t help but find a big cloud of fear hovering over you when you’re surfing the crimson wave. Every gal’s gone through it—that slowly creeping feeling that you may have just ruined your jeans, uniform skirt, or your favorite little white dress with a splotch announcing to the world that you’re on your cycle.

Any stain-tinged story can turn even the most self-assured gal into a wallflower who wants to hide behind the bathroom door. The culprit? Talikophobia, or that fear of any type of movement that might inadvertently get you into an ugly stain situation from Aunt Flo.

See if you’ve got the symptoms and beat this phobia away for good (it’s not difficult, we promise!).

1. You’ve got your bum glued to your seat.

 It’s kind of a bummer when you feel you can’t even stand up because that simple action of getting up on your feet will send a whole gush of embarrassing stains straight to your backside. It’s an okay thing when you’re watching a 3-hour long movie in a dark theater, but when you’re taking your college entrance test among guys and girls from other schools and need to stand up to go to the bathroom, it can be a huge hassle.



2. You’re the perennial wallflower at a party.

You may find yourself just sticking to the wall right beside the buffet because you’re afraid that traipsing al the way to the middle of the dance floor might just put your maybe-stained bum front, center and under the spotlight.

3. You keep wishing people came with rearview mirrors so you could constantly check your backside.

And because we aren’t built like cars, you find yourself constantly asking your most trusted seatmate or block mate if you’ve got a splotch at your back. (Even the most patient souls can get tired of answering this question).


4. You want your friends to circle around you whenever you’re out.

 It almost looks as though you’re surrounded by a ridiculous entourage, like you’re some VIP. In truth, your unnecessary fear of the stain is what’s getting VIP treatment.

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5. You’re always thinking about how you might ruin your perfect outfit with the ultimate (bad) baccessory. Not such a good idea, especially when you’re donning that ensemble you’ve been wanting to Tumblr since forever.

Can you relate to any of these surefire Talikophobia signs? Only one thing to do—get yourself covered with Whisper Cottony Long pads, which are two inches longer than your regular sanitary napkin. Whisper’s got you covered so you can face the world with ease, confidence and without anything holding you back.

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