Too Cool for the Old School

by Roch Vergara   |  Apr 6, 2009
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In this generation, most teens, if not all, have cellular phones. Struggling to ask for your parents to buy you the coolest phone in the market? It will cost you a lot of convincing, household chores, and consistent high grades on your report card for you to earn it. A fourth grader insists that she's entitled to her own mobile phone when she enters high school.

The coolest cellphone you can ever get in this moment in time is an iPhone. It's a cellphone, camera, and a web browser all in one cool gadget. What if you could use the two months of summer  to convince your parents to get you one? Here are some reasons why you should:

Go app-crazy! You can download fun games and social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter (follow your fave Disney stars Selena and Demi) that will keep you company while waiting for your parents to pick you up from school. Never use them while in class, though!

Surfing on-the-go. You can surf your favorite websites (that includes, of course) seamlessly with the use of WiFi or your own network's connection. With the 3.5-inch multi-touch display, you can zoom your page in and out for easy browsing. If you're going on a trip with your ‘rents and you seem a bit lost, you can log on to Google Maps to check where you are and look for directions. It's just a matter of telling your dad, "I'm telling you, Dad... If you get me an iPhone, we're not going to waste gas going around because I can check where we are!"

It's a mega gadget! It's a mobile phone and music player in one! You can listen to your favorite music, watch videos, and browse through your videos with up to 16GB of storage space (depending on what model you get). Rather than spending the weekend in a mall, you'll just stay at home, play some music, or just watch videos all throughout the day.

A great communication device. You don't need to worry about forgetting to do your homework or worrying about the grade you got on your science project. With an application that can help you keep track of homework, email your teachers, and check your grades, I'm sure your parents wouldn't even think twice of getting you one.

Be good this summer and maybe, just maybe, you'll end up with a brand new phone. If not, don't fret. Maybe you can get it for graduation?

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