To the Girl Who Loves to Read and Why You Shouldn't Stop

by Nicole Chiang   |  Apr 9, 2016
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It is truly heartbreaking to have to choose between spending money on real, actual books and resorting to free downloadable e-books. We feel you, Candy Girl. Our wish lists usually include titles of books we've seen displayed in book stores. We always wish on our lucky stars that a generous soul somewhere over the rainbow will bless us with a new book as a gift. Sadly, this only happens once in a blue moon. Don’t worry, I do love that cute bag you bought for my 20th birthday, but well, I was sort of eyeing Colleen Hoover's latest book, but you know what? That's fine. I'm totally fine with that.

Whether you're the low-key bookworm or the well-renowned book fanatic, kudos to you. Reading is one of the most wonderful pastimes a human being can have, and it doesn't really matter at this point if it's biased, because I know you agree. Every book is another door that opens your eyes to a whole new world. It's a tireless adventure, and this alone gives you an advantage over other people. What you find fun and interesting is something others find difficult and boring. They don't appreciate the weight of an actual book on their hands or the smell of browned vintage pages. It's hard not to feel frustrated, but we all know it's their loss. They will never understand why we are always so disappointed with movies based on our favorite books. They will never understand that movies will never be able to capture the complete essence of a book. They will never understand the pain we feel when tiny yet important details are not included in the movie. They will never understand.


Every book is another door that opens your eyes to a whole new world.

Moving on from all that bitterness, reading gives you a better grip on words in general. It gives you a chance to improve your vocabulary in a subtle way. We don't notice the increasing pool of words we learn by just reading leisurely. We also don't notice how much our minds have traveled and explored the different worlds of different books. It may be indirect, but we have been exposed to countless countries, cultures, times, and people. Our books, as irrelevant as they may seem to others, have become the key for us to be the persons who we are today. They have become a part of our lives, and this is why you shouldn't stop.

That time when you had no choice but to stop reading because your eyes gave up on you at 3 in the morning? We understand that annoying feeling. Once you start, what reason could there be to stop? The only time you do so on your own free will is if that book was absolutely horrible, and I pray that all of us do not live through that kind of experience. The same goes then for why a girl like you who loves to read shouldn't stop, like, stop stop. Why should you? Who cares if other people say that this is the reason why girls like us have high and distorted expectations for the boys we are attracted to? That's how we like it. We've encountered different kinds of boys in the books we've read, and who's to say it's wrong when this allows us to know exactly what we want in a guy. We also don't mind being called bookworms or nerds. It's a stamp that reaffirms our love for reading.

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We might occasionally take a break from reading because of too much school or work load, but we always come back. It's a hunger that just can't be satiated. Carry on. The books you've read and will continue to read hold so much power. There is nothing more alive than the world you enter in those pages. Reading is a passion. That feeling you get when you finish a book is indescribable. You've exited a world, but it has now become ingrained in your entire being. You've involved yourself whole-heartedly in the life of the book you've read, and now you're staring into space with a soft sigh—happy, contented, but in some cases, unsatisfied. Some books leave you wanting for more, and that's just one of the many reasons why reading is just something you shouldn't stop doing.

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