To The Girl Who Has Always Been Insecure About Her Looks

Here’s an open letter from Liza Soberano.
To The Girl Who Has Always Been Insecure About Her Looks

We all have insecurities. We all have a few—be it three, seven, or 100—things we hate about ourselves that we wish we could change. As much as we hate to admit it, we sometimes let these things get in the way of looking (and feeling) our best. We can't help but feel like all our insecurities are being viewed through these microscopes—that they are magnified, glaring, and open to everyone's criticism. 

Dear Candy Girls, here are some things I want to tell you:

To the girl who has suffered from acne all her life: It's okay. You're growing up—it's all part of the process. You probably have classmates with flawless, poreless skin, and I'm sure you've wished at least once to have skin like theirs. But don't compare yourself to them; their stories are different from yours.

To the girl who feels insecure because she can't afford the latest overhyped lip kits or overpriced palettes: You don't need those things to feel beautiful. It's true what they say about money not being able to buy you happiness, because you don't need expensive things to be happy. Appreciate the things you do have, the people that truly matter to you—and you will see the beauty in your life, the beauty within you.

To the girl who thinks it's "wrong" to wear makeup because of all the makeup-shaming: Don't listen to them. So what if the guys in your social media feeds say that girls who wear makeup are fake? You know you're not fake. So what if your old-fashioned tita says that only promiscuous girls wear makeup? You know you're not promiscuous. Don't ever feel guilty for swiping on that bold lipstick or applying that cat-eye liner—you're not doing anything wrong.

And to the girl who never felt pretty because she isn't mestiza: Yes, I know the people around you put such a premium on having fair skin, but please don't feel obligated to lighten your skin tone to be considered beautiful, because you are. Can you promise me one thing? Don't be pressured into buying the wrong shade of makeup just because you want to own the lightest shade available. 

Girls, you are so much better than this, and no matter what others say or how they try to bring you down, I know you can #MakeConfidenceHappen.

Love, Liza.

P.S. Here's an empowering video for all of you naturally beautiful Pinay teens. Go ahead and bookmark this, so you can replay and use it as a pick-me-up for days when your self-confidence takes a hit. <3

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