Here's How You Can Make Study Dates With Your Friends *Actually* Productive

by Chanel Ang   |  May 20, 2023
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POV: It’s finals week and you’re on a study date with your best friends, ordering lattes at your favorite cafe. You’ve picked the perfect spot complete with sockets and WiFi so you can use your laptops and iPads for maximum productivity. But it’s already been three hours, and you’ve gotten nothing done.

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We’ve all been there. The memes of chismisan-over-studying are true for all of us, but now that it’s nearing the end of the semester, it’s essential to get that work in!

Below, we’ve rounded up five tips to help make your study dates productive.

  1. Make a reasonable to-do list

Prepare your personal agenda for your study date, and make sure it’s realistic. If the study date is only two hours, don’t fill your to-do list with 12 items. List five things that you can reasonably accomplish, like finishing two readings and making an outline for your final paper. 

When you narrow down your to-do list to accomplishable goals, you’ll feel more invigorated to actually do things. This changes your mindset to remember that you actually only need to finish a few things there, so you might as well get started!

  1. Pack the essentials

Now that you have your things to do, fill up your tote bag with the necessities. That means you don’t pack ten books that will make you feel overwhelmed; just your laptop, charger, headphones, paper, and pencil case!


Limiting what you bring also helps you stay focused on the goals at hand. You won’t feel as stressed if you only have a few things to keep track of, so you can genuinely focus on working!

  1. Play your study tunes

After ordering your coffee and setting up your workspace, plug in your headphones and play your study playlist. This can be some classical music, white noise, lo-fi tunes, or Taylor Swift’s discography—whatever gets you to focus!

Immerse yourself in your choice of study tunes so you don’t get distracted by other noise! The tendency is to chismis until you eventually need to leave the cafe or working space. Listening to your own music ensures that you focus on what you need to do.

  1. Take timed breaks in between

That said, you can’t spend the entire time working. Set timed breaks amongst yourselves so that you can still talk with one another! 

If you’re still in the zone, it’s okay to pause your timer and finish what you need to do. But in general, setting aside a quick break every 30 minutes to socialize or play a fun video will motivate youto keep going!

  1. Hold each other accountable

Your companions are your accountability buddies, meaning that you need to remind each other to get back to work when needed! We know it feels a bit KJ especially when there’s chismis, but this is the tough love you’ll need to survive finals season. The more in-depth kwentuhan and bonding sessions will be a much-awaited post-finals treat!

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