7 *Important* Tips to Remember Before Taking the SHS Entrance Exam

by Jonnie Anne Ngo   |  Dec 21, 2022
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Since we’re halfway down to the final semester, many students are processing their application letters to transfer to a new school for senior high. The whole process can be daunting, but it’ll be easier next time when you apply for college. If you’re one of the student applicants, here are some tips that could help you prepare for the exam:

1. Take the time to review

It's best to review general lessons from your previous school years to jog your memory. Solve some statistics problems, practice your reading comprehension, and learn about chemistry since these things will most likely appear on the exam. You can either compile your notes and create a reviewer, or sign up at a review center for tutorial lessons before the examination. Another choice would be to form a study group with some of your friends, but be careful not to get sidetracked!

2. Don’t cram

Trust me—trying to cram all the information in your head at the last minute won't work. The more information you try to process, the more confused you will become, and there’s a high possibility you’ll mess up the test. You can plan things out by creating a to-do list to make things more organized.

3. Get some sleep

Stress won't affect you if your mind and body are in good health. Plus, you won't overthink, be late, or feel sleepy while answering questions because you’re well-rested.

4. Double-check the requirements

Are you 100% sure that you have your forms and IDs with you? Don’t forget to check your documents before leaving home to avoid delays! 


5. Be early

It’s impossible to control traffic and accidents, so arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before your call time, just in case you get lost. Also, take note of your assigned room and time slot to make sure you’re in the right classroom.

6. Stay calm

Breathe in, breathe out. Being too nervous could disrupt your thoughts and mess up your confidence. It’s normal to feel anxious, but don’t let it overpower you. You could take a quick nap or go to the restroom for some exercise before the test starts. Don’t force yourself to study if you feel anxious; just rest. Having a good mindset defeats bad energy, so believe in yourself!

7. Check the instructions

If the instruction is to "fill in the blanks," avoiding blank spaces is best practice. If it’s multiple choice, you never know, there’s a chance you’ll shade the correct answer. Though this doesn’t apply if the grading mechanic is “right minus wrong." Be careful!


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