Tipid Travel Tips for Anyone Who Has No Allowance This Summer

Because the best experiences are not because of how much money you spend, but how many memories you gain.
by Melissa Francine Quinal   |  May 25, 2017
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The number of digits you have at hand should not determine the number of places you can reach. To travel really is to spend, but not a lot. So here are tips to travel with a limited amount of money. 

  1. Re-connect.

Maybe your elementary lunch buddy lives in this place you want to visit? Or your college thesis partner? Or maybe the cousin of your uncle's friend who used to be his workmate that also used to be your mother's classmate back in high school? You get the point. Contact these people and ask them to know more about the place. It's a bonus if they offer you their place, which will definitely help you save a lot of money.

  1. Scroll down.

Sure, articles about the place you're planning to visit is helpful but take the time to scroll down and check the comment sections. The comment/review section of an article is where you can find alternate suggestions from people who have also been there, and you'll find answers to the same questions you have either by the article's writer or by your fellow readers. Getting to know more of the place will help you save not just your time but money as well.

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  1. In reading articles, prefer the posts by ordinary travelers on Facebook.

Travel blogs or mainstream travel guide websites aren't as updated as anyone who's just been to a destination and posted it on Facebook. Travel blogs also are usually sponsored while the ones posted by ordinary travelers are more likely to be appropriate to your tight budget situation.

  1. Know transportation rates ahead.

This is very important when you're commuting and have a limited amount to spend. Some natives tend to take advantage of tourists and ask for higher rates than usual. If you can't ask someone ahead, ask fellow travelers.

  1. Spend for white sands, not white sheets.

If you're following a tight budget, staying in a guest house or tourist inns is your best bet. After all, you didn't travel just to find a nice place to sleep in. 

  1. Don't be a lowballer but try using your charm.

Don't be afraid to offer purchasing something in a lower price, just always make sure that you are paying for a reasonable amount.

  1. Compare before you dare.

In spending money, always try to ask from others selling the same thing or the same service and from there, compare the rates. But also don't forget to go for quality over quantity especially if the price is just nearly the same.

In being thrifty, always make sure that quantity goes with quality. Best experiences are not because of how much money you spend, but how much memories you gain.

It's time to create your best memories, Candy Girls!  

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