This New Student-Fave Milk Tea Place In Cebu Is A Must-Visit For Artsy People

Chingkeetea stands out with its use of paper materials and incorporation of Japanese culture.
  • Chingkeetea first opened in Cagayan de Oro after owner Chingkee Te saw the growing trend in Manila. 
  • Debuting their first out-of-Mindanao store in early 2019, Cebu welcomed Chingkeetea with open arms at F. Ramos Street. 

In the growing metropolis that is Cagayan de Oro City (CDO), a woman named Chingkee Te dreamed of bringing the growing trend of milk tea to her beloved hometown. Opening for business right after graduating college in a little shop that could cater to around 50 people, what once was a dream gradually became one of the greatest realities she could ever hope for. Today, this shines brightly under the name Chingkeetea. Currently standing with three branches in their hometown, one in Iligan City, and one in Cebu, the brand’s story lets us dive deeper into what it truly means to dream, to inspire, and to create stories from the passions we possess.

Te was inspired to start Chingkeetea because of her love for art and design. Seeing that the milk tea industry was a growing trend in Metro Manila, she decided to bring it back to CDO and incorporate her desire to display the fruits of her creativity.


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Chingkeetea anchors itself on the central theme, “Every cup is a new story.”  Te emphasizes, “We’ve witnessed so many stories and moments at Chingkeetea, from couples getting engaged, families and friends getting together, to break-ups and reunions. A customer could come in heartbroken on his first visit to Chingkeetea, to passing his board exams on his next. It is more than just a cup of tea for a customer, [it’s also about] the stories that come along with it.”


Another reason as to why this motto is close to the company’s heart is how it also talks about the stories of their team as a whole, from the store’s core starters down to the employees that handcraft each drink with tender, love, and care. The way the brand has grown so much since its opening in 2012, Te highlights how their team has grown with it. “The different seasons and chapters we’ve been through as a company, as a brand, and what I would like to call our ‘evolution,’” she says. “We are never just black and white, but a myriad of colors.”

Debuting their first out-of-Mindanao store in early 2019, Cebu welcomed Chingkeetea with open arms at F. Ramos Street. As each of their stores follows a certain aesthetic, this pop-up shop stands out with its use of paper materials and incorporation of Japanese culture. “I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture, I like their appreciation for wabi sabi (a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection) and imperfect beauty,” she says. “It’s our first time to open a branch this small, so we were forced to stick to a minimalist design, but with our own touch.”


The store stands without dine-in tables, only a bench for customers who wait for their orders and a counter where the drinks are served. A large crayon mural accentuates the place as the branch’s defining piece.


Being their first store out of homebase, one of the greatest challenges they faced was how Cebu had such a diverse market of the same products. Despite this, two things kept them going despite the challenge: faith, and their customers from CDO who have long awaited their opening in Cebu.

During their opening weeks, locals from Cagayan de Oro rushed to their doors for a familiar taste of home. This was mostly how their brand became known in the city, as their suki’s brought friends-of-friends flocking, spreading the news of Chingkeetea’s presence and sharing the cravings to local Cebuanos.

One distinct thing that sets Cebu apart from Chingkeetea’s other branches is the diversity of people that enter their doors. “We believe that every store is unique, not just with the interiors and ambiance, but the people who visit them,” Te stays. Despite being one of their minimalistic branches, the stories Cebuanos bring as they take their cup to-go outweighs the size and simplicity of their store.


As 2019 nears its close, Te wishes to open more branches within Cebu in the hopes of catering to even more people in the ever-growing city, wanting to hear more stories with every new cup that is brewed to each one’s preference. For now, you may drop by their store at F. Ramos Street, fronting Cebu Institute of Medicine for your own dose and a story for the road. A personal recommendation would be Black Sugar or Wintermelon Milk Tea with Pearls, or Kiwi Fruit Tea with Popping Boba if you want something refreshing and light. Oh, did we mention you can take your cup of goodness home for P100 or less?









About the author
Gillian Sun Correspondent
A millennium-born Bisaya belle who dreams of becoming a respected radiologist. Born and raised in Cagayan de Oro, she aims to inspire girls to never underestimate what one is capable of, because greatness comes when we believe in ourselves.

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Diane Pantastico 2 hours ago

Planning a photoshoot isn’t that simple as you thought it would be, that is if you really want to come up with an elegant output. But worry no more, you can be able to do it in no time with the following tips:

1. Determine a Concept.

Photoshoot is a form of communication. It is an artists’ way of expressing themselves. When building a photoshoot concept, always keep in mind that you are not building it for yourself. But instead, you are doing it for everyone you want to communicate with. So in order to express yourself, do not settle with some mediocre concept. Be creative with it. Always bring with you your handy-dandy notes and keep recording your ideas, even the silliest ones. Sketch, draw, or even make an essay about it. Most importantly, burn with the idea of making it happen. For starters, check out Pinterest for more creative ideas.

2. Tell a story.

Ask yourself, what story would you like to tell everyone? How would you like to tell it to them? Is that story relatable to everybody? If you have the answers for each of these questions, then you are way ahead than everybody else. When you are having a photoshoot, you do not just aim and click your camera whenever and wherever you like. You have to consider the relevance of the shots you are taking. Remember, you are telling a story. And a good story needs to be planned. So take your time with constructing your own story. The rest will go along with it.

3. Pick your Location.

Any location will do as long as it connects with your idea or concept. You can use your garage, or even your backyard. However, if you decide to photograph outside, you may need to know a thing or two about photographing in a natural setting.

4. Timing.

In photography, you have to be poetic and playful at the same time. You must at least understand the technicalities of light. As they say, photography is a play of lights. Since we are talking with lights and all, what’s even more natural than the sunlight itself. Sunlight is like the holy grail of photography, especially when you are taking outside. I personally prefer either early in the morning or late in the afternoon, in which the sun provides us the most beautiful light we can see in a day — the Golden Hour. However, as a photographer, you have the freedom to choose your timing, which will of course suit with your own concept. So whatever you are aiming for with your concept, choose the time wisely.

5. Check the weather.

The more prepared you are, the better. Trust me! It’s very difficult to achieve your concept when it is contradicting with the weather, or you’ll end up switching your concept last minute.

6. Use a Prop!

Use props to help you execute your concept or narrative, and showcase your creativity. Interacting with something makes you more comfortable in front of the camera. However, pick only the ones which are relevant to your concept. You just don’t want to use a suit and tie attire if you have a beachy-vibe concept, right?

7. Styles and Color.

It is important to pick your style relevant to your concept and story to tell. Pick the right color that matches with your location, so that it will captivate the eyes of your audience. For instance, you can pick any bright colors and style if you have a lively photoshoot concept. On the contrary, monochrome colors if you want to tell a sad story in your photos.

Furthermore, you may not want to forget the most important thing for your model or as a model— the complete photoshoot outfit. 8. Reflection. As a model, check yourself in the mirror for styling and to practice your pose. This is important to build confidence in front of the camera.

I don't know. by Mariella Ysabel Amatus

I don’t know what to do. I feel lost. I don’t know what to do. I feel alone. I don’t know what to do. I feel abandoned. Dreams are things we ought to have. Without them, we might never know where will our future take us. We seem to be trained to have them. I want to be a nurse. I want to be a doctor. I want to be an engineer. I want to be a lawyer. Those are the lines children tell in front of people. It seems simple to dream. To have an ambition. Well, I thought it is. But, now, as I put a book on my lap, thinking about where my fate will lead me, it isn’t.

I feel drowned in the responsibility of knowing what I wanted. The season of college entrance tests are coming. Yet, I feel nothing but doubtful. I studied, but now, I am not doing such a thing. I felt so engrossed the last time I checked myself months ago. Now, I am unsure of what I want to do. I have to study. Yes, I know. However, I feel so dismissive to do something. I can’t even point out what’s the problem in me.

What am I doing? I must go, open some books, and study hard. But, I am never doing it in this present moment. Instead of challenging myself with tons of knowledge, I am here writing this passage with my mind resonating with unspoken words and truth. I seem insane, right? What will happen to me if I keep on doing nothing? Well, simple. I will never be successful - I know that. Then, what must I do?

Asking myself such a question will never suffice what I really need. Because, I’ve been asking myself questions all the time. Yet, I’ve never come up with answers. I don’t know what to do. I feel like being pained. I don’t know what to do. I feel like being tortured. I don’t know what to do. I feel like being misunderstood. I don’t know what to do. I don't know.

A Stranger "Things"

strangers can be not strangers, they can be someone else

Isn't it intimidating to interact with strangers? Majority will say "yes" certainly. No doubt, parents also come up with their very classic "Don't talk to strangers" smart advice for their children. But come to realize to take the opposite approach of it as we grow older, there's a tangled idea in our head it it is beneficial or not.

Finding comfort to someone we don't know is like finding a needle in the bunch of hay. A blurry-blurry thing, a no-percent no-possibility to happen. But not to compare, for others it's like their way of finding comfort, way to socialize, way to widen their circle of acquaintance, that's why psychologist somewhat agree with it. If the person didn't give you a ghastly vibe, why not give it a try to interact. It's kinda weird thing to open doors for strangers,but at the same time, its interesting. Think of this, why its easy for others to share secretes of them, or to have pretty intimate conversation to random person? Cause they say, "No judgement".

Why its okay to ask help to person we dont know if we are in unfamiliar place? Cause they can help us, and same goes in other way. Bottomline, Strangers are not just strangers or a person we dont know, or a person that our parents taught us not to talk to. They can be someone else who can help us in times of unfamiliarity of places or thing. They can be the person who sit next to you in the bus who ask for a little help for direction and end up having a great conversation.

They can be a lot more we didn't expect to, and you can tell by yourself that your best of friends you have today are once a complete stranger to you yet you end up having a strong bond of friendship. They are the person we completely don't know, we dont know their upbringings or what, but sometimes the can be more helpful to us than the others we know. By simply having a casual conversation with them, we're not noticing that they are giving us a diffirent approach to different aspects in life and unfortunately, this idea overpowers by just word "stranger". Hopefully, maybe now or then, we're very thankfull that we took the opposite approach of "do not talk to strangers"

marj carbonel 9 hours ago
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