This is the Workout You Need to Beat the Summer Heat

by Pam Carlota   |  Mar 19, 2017
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We all can't wait for summer and show off that fit bod we've been working on for months now–or for those who only have time to get some exercise in the summer when it's their break. But the summer heat can be such a hassle for workouts and the weather can get so hot to the point that we feel lazy to get up and do anything. But don't worry, Candy Girls, we found the best summer workout for you to maintain or achieve that #beachbod and stay cool all at the same time during the summer. 

The workout we're talking about is simply yoga. Gentle yoga can help you slim down–and even without the need to break a sweat! It may be too good to be true because how can you melt fat without perspiring? Even scientists have seen a disconnect with this. But in a study done by Alan Kristal, he found that overweight people who were doing yoga once a week in 4 years lost more pounds compared to the other people who didn't practice yoga and even gained some extra pounds. (via


For the benefits of doing yoga, it seems that it melts belly fat because the overweight women who tried restorative yoga in a 6-month time frame lost 2.5 times more belly fat than those who just stretched out. This is because when you're calm, you produce less of the hormone cortisol, which is a leading cause for abdominal fat. (via

It's so easy to just grab a mat and pick an open space–in the shade, of course–and start doing a variety of yoga poses and some deep breathing. This way, you can still get your workout in during summer while increasing your flexibility, toning your muscles, and maintaining a balanced metabolism. (via

What do you say, Candy Girls? Would you give yoga a chance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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