This How You Can Make Your Notes Look ~Pretty~

From disorganized to Studyblr real quick!
by Mara Agner   |  Aug 21, 2017
Image: YouTube | Christylynn
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On a scale of one to "can't understand my own notes," how bad are you at taking notes? Whether you feel absolutely hopeless or just need some inspiration to make it a little extra, we found this tutorial from YouTube channel Christylynn that will hopefully make your notes look like they're from those Studyblr accounts on Instagram:

1. Write the title and add color and details to make it look more fun.

2. Use a colored pen to make the main subjects stand out.

3. Highlight certain terms you need to remember.

4. Use a pen and highlighter combo for different topics.

Watch more tips from Christy's video below:

Got more ideas to add to this list? Let's talk note-taking #goals in the comments below!

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