This App Will Make You Look Slimmer in Photos

There's an app that takes away 15 pounds off your face.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 17, 2016
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There's this theory that cameras add 15 pounds to how you look on cam, so Pretty Smart Women founders Susan Green and Robin J. Phillips came up with the app SkinneePix to answer to this dilemma. For 99 cents, iPhone and Android users can purchase the app, which seeks to take away 15 pounds from your headshots or selfies.



Aside from their mission to provide users with a photo-editing app that gives a more realistic representation of themselves, Robin also said that SkinneePix could also be a fitness and health motivator for people. (via

"It can be an inspiration if you are trying to eat better, move more, and get healthy," Robin said in The Guardian. "It's a realistic look at what I may look like, and a reminder of how I might feel if I put that cookie down and go for a walk."

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While it can serve both purposes for users, here's a reminder, our dear Candy Girls: There's more to feeling good about yourself than appearing "nice" in photos and losing weight and slimming down. It's all about aiming for a healthier and happier version of yourself. If eating or exercising or just doing whatever it is you love makes you truly happy, then go for it. Don't let these edited versions of yourself make you lose your focus and lessen your love for who you truly are. Besides, photos will always be an unrealistic versions of ourselves. We all have something beautiful deep within us that cameras will never, ever capture.


What apps are you using nowadays? Share them with us in the comments. :)

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