Everything You Need to Ask Yourself Before Joining ~*Another*~ College Org

BS Org people, take notes!
by Abby Gayle G. Repotente   |  Jun 3, 2022
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As they usually say, joining not just one, but many organizations, is part of the ~*ultimate*~ college experience. TBH, we get it—gaining a bigger network and discovering your potential beyond academics is extremely important and valid! Imagine the fun activities, the new people (that might be your next BFFs), and the experiences that you get while being surrounded by individuals who share the same interests as you.

All of these sound very exciting so it’s no surprise that being a member of yet another organization sounds highly tempting. But, before you think of submitting another application, there are a few things you need to ask yourself before committing.

Need help in deciding? No worries! Here’s a list of things you need to ask yourself before joining yet ~*another*~ org:

1. Who is this organization?

Above anything else, the first questions should always be about the organization. Who is this group of people? What do they do? What are their vision and mission? Are they aligned with your own values?


Tip: Seek opinions from others on what they know about the said organization so you can gauge what they usually do and what you should expect based on their experiences. Be curious about the organization, its activities, and its people. Once you’re done with your research, ask yourself once again: What do they actually do, and does it resonate with you?

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2. Can I see myself enjoying what they do?

It’s a total given that org life = fun, fun, fun! But before diving right into this, you should know first what this organization does behind its own version of “fun.” Ask yourself if you find joy in these activities and if you can see yourself doing it in the long run.

Side note: you should never force yourself to be in an organization with activities that do not interest you. Remember, you can make your stay worthwhile only if you like what you do and who you’re with!


3. Can I possibly ~*vibe*~ with the people from this organization?

Whether it would be from the orientation or a story from a member, always assess the social environment of an organization. Let’s be real: at some point, you have to interact with each of your members, may it be through work or any personal reasons. This fact is inevitable so you have to at least gauge the energy that you get from the organization, and see if you could build a professional relationship with its members.

It’s important to know if you are comfortable with your potential orgmates as your connection with these people could possibly exceed beyond your stay in the organization. Check if they could be your professional ~*bestie*~ or even a future workmate. Lastly, just make sure that you enjoy their company since the org life is not always about work, but also about building relationships!


4. How can I benefit from this?

Of course, joining organizations surely has its perks! Whether it’s a bigger network, a new set of skills, or even job opportunities, you should always ensure that you’re getting something from your participation. Remember that you should always make the most out of your membership by taking advantage of every offer that comes your way.

Before applying, try asking yourself: Will this organization help me know new people? Can I possibly find friends and future workmates from here? Will I see professional growth and opportunities by joining?

5. What can I contribute?

It’s not always about the organization, but it should also be about you as well! You should assess yourself by asking: Am I capable of giving time, energy, and effort to this organization? Can I promise that I’ll be putting in my best work? Am I really sure that I’m doing this for the experience, and not just the title?


Also, evaluate your skills and abilities to see if they can contribute anything worthwhile to the org. Make sure that you know yourself personally and professionally before you participate in another organization.

6. Is it worth it?

At last, before submitting your application, be certain that you know the answer to the final question: Is it ~really~ worth it?

Take note: as much as joining organizations could be enjoyable, it’s still a serious matter that requires not only social but also technical and professional skills as well. You have to guarantee that while you’re working, you’re also learning new things! There should always be a connected growth between you and the organization as well.

Now that you have answered all the questions above, you’re *finally* ready to hand in your application. Good luck!

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