8 Things Only PUP Students Can Relate To

"Ah taga PUP ka? So nagsusunog ka ng upuan?"
by Lea Briones   |  May 30, 2023
Image: PUP Official Art: Anna Louise Flores
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From the noisy ambiance of Pureza to the busy streets of Teresa, lies the home for some of the country’s hardworking scholars. Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is more than what meets the eye. Aside from being known for their activism, PUPians are also famous for their ~colorful~ culture. Creating an inclusive safe space for its diverse populace, PUP is indeed a university that welcomes all.

Alumni or not, here are some things that every PUPians can relate to:

1. PUP stands for "Pila Ulit Pila

Waiting in line for hours is the *norm* in an overpopulated campus like PUP. I remember waking up at two in the morning just to secure a spot during the enrollment. The whole process took more or less four floors before finally getting to the registrar’s office. From the entrance exam to graduation requirements, PUPians are used to the waiting game as a common occurrence. However, this doesn’t mean that it should be *accepted* as the norm, of course!. 


2. “Tara, Lagoon tayo.”

The center of PUP and the canteen of the campus, the Lagoon is where you would find PUPians eating and taking a break from their classes. If you’re wondering why it’s called a “lagoon”, that’s because there is a literal lagoon in the middle. Everyone jokes that it looks like ~matcha~ with its green waters. Despite looking like Shrek’s swamp, there are students who literally swim there for their experiments. You can pay me thousands of pesos, but I’m not swimming in murky water!

3. FEWA (Footlong and Egg Wrapped Around) 

Since many PUPians are always ~tagtipid~, Lagoon vendors started selling the famous FEWA. From your usual footlong sandwich, FEWA takes it to the next level by wrapping a scrambled egg around the footlong. Aside from its affordability, this footlong version is also a filling alternative to your usual rice meals. If you’re running late to class or on a tight budget, FEWA will surely be your lifesaver. 

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4. Master Buffalo Events Place

Master Buffalo is a popular affordable chicken wing spot near the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA). Although it’s not an actual events place, PUPians gather there on special occasions. From celebrating your thesis defense or birthdays, MB provides that satisfying comfort after a hectic day. Aside from their cheap prices, all of MB’s chicken wings flavors are tasty from the skin to the bone. That’s why MB is every PUPians’ go-to place for a reason!

5. "Ang ingay ng COC."

At PUP, you can quickly spot communication students based on how loud they are. The College of Communication, also known as COC, is known as the noisiest part of the PUP campus. During the pre-pandemic days, the lobby would be filled with dance orgs practicing their routine and students screaming while playing volleyball. The random yelling and the loud sounds of music are all part of the ~*COC ambiance*~. In fact, it’s what makes COC such a lively place among the rest of the buildings. 


6. Linear Park’s Pasig River view

The only university with a ~great~ view of the Pasig River. Kidding aside, the South Wing of the main building is famous for being cursed with the stench of the nearby river. In spite of the smelly area, Linear Park is still one of PUPians’ favorite tambayan spots to chill next to the breezy riverside. You get used to the smell after a while, TBH!

7. “Papasok ka pa lang, mukhang pauwi ka na.”

Whether it’s the exhausting commute or the scorching heat, you’ll be entering PUP sweating with a haggard look on your face. With the lack of trees and broken electric fans, PUPians are forced to adjust to the extremely hot and sunny weather on a daily. Many even joke about PUP being ~hell on Earth~, but sometimes it’s not even a joke anymore. Things even got worse when the main building recently suffered a brownout for days!


8. PUP Burning Chairs

While there are Ateneo Blue Eagles and UP Fighting Maroons, we pride ourselves as the ~PUP Burning Chairs~. In 2013, PUP made the news as students torched old broken chairs to voice their concerns against the tuition hike. Although protests are a usual thing on campus, burning old broken chairs is definitely not a normal occurrence as non-PUPians think. In fact, I have never witnessed this kind of protest since I enrolled in PUP four years ago. 

However, I did experience a huge protest against the handbook revisions back in 2019. Students from the sixth to the first floor of the main building threw their clothes to resist the strict dress code proposal. It just goes to show how dedicated and bold PUPians are in fighting for their rights.

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