8 Things Only Miriam College Students Can Relate To

by Cheska Santiago   |  Mar 23, 2023
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In every college, there are certain things that only students from that institution can relate to. From special ~napping~ spots to the best tambayan sites, these experiences are unique to that school. Case in point: Miriam College. Whether you're currently a student at MC or already an alumna, you'll surely be able to relate to these things. Read on to reminisce:

LIST: 8 Things Only Miriam College Students Can Relate To

1. You look forward to your Saturday classes and events.

Since you wear the MC uniform from Monday to Friday, you look forward to Saturdays since it's the only time of the week you get to wear ~casual~ clothes. You also make sure to take lots of OOTD pics with your BFFs, LOL!

2. You prefer hanging out at the kubo instead of instead the cafeteria in between your classes.

All MC students know that the row of kubo huts outside the caf is the ~*superior*~ hangout spot on campus. Not only do you get more air there, but it also makes a great napping spot during your vacant periods.

3. The lanai is your go-to waiting spot.

You've *definitely* made your friend from Ateneo or UP, your sundo, or your S.O. wait for you at the lanai after your classes at least once.

4. The Ate guard at the entrance is already familiar with your face.

Whether it was getting a violation because of your ripped jeans or your "unnatural" hair color, the Ate guard at the entrance has already become familiar with your face. Oops!


5. You've already tried eating at Cafe Entrep at least once.

Whether it was to support your Entrep friends or if you were just craving their grilled cheese sandwiches or spicy tuna pasta, you've made the journey to the front of the Caritas Building countless times.

6. You've *accidentally* gone to the 5th floor of the SMT building.

And immediately and frantically pressed the down button, LOL.

7. The food at the White House saved you when you didn't have much money.

If you weren't eating siomai rice at the caf during those days when you barely had money, you were most probably at the White House food kiosk located in the parking lot. 

8. You can often be spotted at UP Town Center during your vacant periods.

During your looong vacant periods, you usually convinced your friends to ~trek~ to UPTC to get some much-needed aircon and to pass the time.

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