9 Things Grade-Conscious Students Can Probably Relate To

by Jessica Tambunting   |  Jan 11, 2022
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It’s not easy being grade-conscious. We know that we add pressure on ourselves and think differently at times. However, I noticed that whenever I meet a fellow grade-conscious student and talk about our habits, it is something that we bond over and laugh about together. 

Here are nine things that you can probably relate to if you are a grade-conscious student:

1. Computing scores (and hypothetical scores)

We turn our scores into percent. We need to know if it reached 92 percent (which, for us, is equivalent to an A). Furthermore, Canvas has the option to compute “what-if” scores. We use this feature to help us gauge what our scores more or less should look like to get the overall grade we want for the class. Sometimes, I even take it a step further by computing my possible QPI or general average for the semester. I would assign a grade per class and check which combo will allow me to reach my desired QPI.

2. Picky with our groupmates

As much as possible, we like working with people who we know we can rely on with the tasks they are assigned to do. We need to find like-minded individuals who care about their grades. The best group mates are those who are grade-conscious as well. If not, it feels like it's better to work alone.

3. Dealing with the anxiety we feel every time we think about our grades

The wait is terrible. After we pass a project, paper, and the likes, the time in between is dreadful until we know our results. Although we may have an idea of our grade at the end of the semester, it's still different to see it posted and finalized.


4. Studying even when you don’t want to anymore

There are days when we do not want to do anything, but we still study anyway because we want to get a high grade. We all have at least one subject that we can’t stand, but we try to power through. Even in classes that we don't like, we still aim for a good grade. The struggle is real.

5. No to cramming

We don’t leave things up to the universe and wait until the very last moment. As much as possible, we would like to start our work early. There are instances when we need to cram, but we try to avoid this. Thus, we like to plan and do things ahead of time. By doing so, we can put more effort into our work.

6. Anything lower than the best grade is low

Some people might be shocked when they hear that a B or B+ is already quite low for grade-conscious students. Anything lower than an A, we feel that we could’ve done better.

7. People think you're naturally smart

It’s more like some people may find certain topics or activities easier because it’s their forte. This does not mean they do not prepare anymore, however. Whether it’s our strong suit or not, we put in the effort to get high grades—we read, study, review, practice, and repeat. We don’t become complacent.

8. Being your biggest critic

We may go overboard with criticism sometimes and become quite harsh on ourselves. We make sure that we produce quality output. After receiving feedback on our work, we look over our mistakes and take note of it. This is to avoid committing them again. We always push ourselves to do better.

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9. People tell you grades don’t matter

And while there is essentially truth to it, to you, it feels like it does. Whenever the semester comes to an end, grade-conscious students get anxious to know whether they have achieved the grades they worked hard to get.

I would like to wish all my fellow grade-conscious students good luck! Regardless of what grades you may receive at the end of the sem, know that your hard work and effort count for something much greater than the letter on a report card.


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