8 Things About Going Home for Summer Break You Know to be True

by Stephanie Jesena   |  Apr 14, 2017
Image: Yassi Pressman | instagram.com/yassipressman
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Been living in a dorm or with housemates? Whether home is an hour away by plane or takes a lifetime to reach in traffic, these are things you know to be true when you leave for summer break.

  1. You're sad to say goodbye to your classmates and friends in school.

But at the same time you're looking forward to finding out if the boy next door has gotten any cuter. May potential, eh.

  1. You pack a school year's worth of items in your luggage.

Your bags contain mounds of (mostly dirty) outfits going home that miraculously turn into tiny, rolled-up clothes when you return to school the next year. Not only that, a whole new wardrobe finds its way into your luggage, too. Thanks, Ma!

  1. While at the airport or bus terminal, you bump into someone you know from your hometown.

And surprise, surprise, you're on the same flight/trip.

  1. You hesitate to buy food while waiting for your flight/trip.

Food at the airport or terminal is just so expensive. Good thing Ma and Pa left you money on their last visit. Then you take out a grubby envelope filled with crisp bills and buy a sandwich.

  1. You head home hungry.

And you can't wait to feast on all your favorites that everyone at home is sure to welcome you with. The best part? Going back to school with half of your maleta filled with biscocho, polvoron, and other hometown delicacies. Plus you have a tupperware of Lola's adobo in your handcarry. We're talking survival here.

  1. You're tired of semi-adulting in the past school year.

Home means your fluffy pillows and bed, with not a worry about washing, drying, and cooking (or basically just looking for something—ANYTHING—to eat) clouding the horizon.

  1. You curse yourself for forgetting to wear jeans.

Because as always, your pets (and their claws) are all over you the moment you get home.

  1. You're sure about one thing.

If there's one thing you definitely know to be true, it's that being home is definitely the best thing in the whole wide world.

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